Dan Patrick Will Host Games 5-7 of the Stanley Cup Final on NBC

So it appears this will be an annual thing. Dan Patrick, NBC’s biggest name as far as hosts go, will return to the NHL to present Games 5-7 (if necessary) of the Stanley Cup Final, according to NBC’s press site. The dates will probably change since the current set up has a week-long break between any Game 7 of the Western Conference Final (May 28th) and Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final (June 4th) but the current dates of the games are set for June 12, June 15 and June 17.

Last year Patrick hosted Games 5 and 6 of the Final with a professional touch, despite not being maybe the most hardcore hockey qualified man to do it. He also dealt with that bizarre thing where Jeremy Roenick cried after the end of Game 6. Roenick will not be on NBC this time around, so that appears not to be a worry for Patrick. He’ll be joined by Mike Milbury and Keith Jones in the studio. Liam McHugh will host Games 1 & 2. Bill Patrick, one would expect, will host Games 3 & 4 for VERSUS.

6 Responses to Dan Patrick Will Host Games 5-7 of the Stanley Cup Final on NBC

  1. kevin says:

    What happened to Liam McCue…or Bob Costas….honestly who cares

    • Sean says:

      They should just let Liam do the whole thing. You’re basically telling the audience he’s the B-guy when Dan Patrick strolls in for Game 5.

      But in the end….who cares? The host of the game, much like the announcers, have no bearing on the final ratings. If it’s San Jose/Tampa, no one will be watching anyway.

  2. kevin says:

    They need more hott chicks to do interviews. It’s a no brainer

    • KevinS says:

      Really, you want to have more “hott [sic] chicks” do interviews??? Why not have wear nothing but, bikinis and “stripper heels?” Or maybe a neglige? You must be kidding me. Do you think that is why people would tune into a hockey game? That is like saying I go to a sporting event, not to watch competition or the event, but to watch the cheerleaders/dancers jiggle their breasts and kick their legs around. Really, is it worth having “hott [sic] chicks” do interviews when they only would be on air for a short time. I think NBC went the right way with using former players do interviews, because they know the game versus some “hott [sic] chick” who never played and they also can contribute analysis from their position. Think harder with ideas next time.

  3. KevinS says:

    I think Bill Patrick should do the hosting for the entire Stanley Cup Finals. It is a slap in the face to the hard work of Bill and Liam.

  4. Patrick says:

    Can I get last 2 mins of my life back

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