Bruins Beat the Celtics on VERSUS

From Sports Media Watch:

Wednesday’s Flyers/Bruins Game 3 earned an 11.76 rating on Versus in Boston, the market’s highest local rating ever for an NHL game on the network. The game aired exclusively on Versus.

For some perspective, last year’s three exclusive Flyers/Bruins games on Versus averaged a 7.98 in the market.

The Bruins’ win actually earned a higher rating in Boston than the Celtics’ Game 2 loss to the Heat on TNT one night earlier (11.1). The Celtics/Heat game was exclusive to TNT, which is in significantly more homes than Versus.

The game drew a much less impressive 4.88 rating in Philadelphia. Last year’s three exclusive games on Versus averaged a 4.57 in the market.


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5 Responses to Bruins Beat the Celtics on VERSUS

  1. kevin says:

    Philly is not a hockey town…………….

    • Kevin says:

      You are right Kevin. Philly is a baseball and football town. The Flyers have a place in Philadelphia, but the general Philadelphia sports fan would probably want to watch the Phillies.

  2. nosferatu says:

    I could see A LOT of Flyer fans (esp. the more casual ones) turning off their TVs (or switching to the Phillies game or something) in anger after the team fell behind 2-0 early on. Much easier to pull in good ratings when your team is in Boston’s position instead.

    • Kevin says:

      Too true. When your team is winning you want to keep watching, but when your team is losing you just want to shut it off and turn away. I think that Versus is happy that they are airing the Detroit/San Jose game in its entirety, because that one looks like it will be more competitive and also all of us Jack Edwards fans can watch him one last time.

  3. Jack says:

    Philadelphia is a GREAT hockey town. The game was 2-0 less than two minutes in and Boston dominated the rest of the way. The Flyers have always been the number 3 team in the city…how is this a surprise? People are fed up with the Flyer’s goaltending situation as it has cost them again.

    I moved to Philly in ’02 from Buffalo and I can tell you that Flyers are very well supported by the locals. There are probably 150,000 to 200,000 “hardcore” fans in the region and usually when the playoffs begin the bandwagoners hop on. I mean, the Flyers drew almost 400,000 HHs for game 7 against the Sabres and drew phenomenal ratings during their run last year.

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