Double OT Game 2 of Preds/Canucks Doesn’t Improve Much

Game 2 of the Predators/Canucks Conference Semi-final series didn’t do much to move the needle for VERSUS, according to Son of the Bronx.

The classic, double overtime Game 2, which featured a stunning performance by Pekka Rinne and a big win for Nashville, drew just 582,000 viewers for the network and an 0.4 rating. This was up 17% in viewers from the 484,000 from Game 1, but still does not crack the Top 10 games VERSUS has broadcast in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The game aired exclusively in the Nashville market on VERSUS and not on a regional sports network.

It will be interesting to see what Game 3 does with a Tampa Bay/Washington lead-in, but without the Nashville market. Stay tuned, I should have more ratings figures throughout the day.


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7 Responses to Double OT Game 2 of Preds/Canucks Doesn’t Improve Much

  1. Jack says:

    Canadian Team vs Small Market Southern Team = Bad Ratings

    We’ve seen this time and time again over the past ten years.

  2. kevin says:

    600,000 is not bad…..750k if it goes six or seven games. It is what it is….but Canadian ratings are probably great with Vancouver involved

  3. Kevin says:

    Someone once said that the ratings are based on the end of the game. I think the longer a game goes the more some fans are going to turn off their sets and go to sleep. If this information is wrong please let me know. I say give the southern cities time. I am hoping for a Nashville vs. Tampa Bay final so that the fans all across the country can see hockey in the Sun Belt.

  4. kevin says:

    Nashville is so small its never going to matter…..don’t know why they would bother putting a team there except as a ponzi scheme to get expansion fees. Large nothern cities make way more sense. I know they say they needed to go south for a national TV deal but it’s a self defeating policy……I mean a Tampa/Nashville Final would be terrible for ratings. Maybe TV people are just stupid which would explain it….

  5. Jack says:

    There are small markets in every league, not every city is New York, Chicago or Philadelphia. And last I checked, last year’s Chicago/Nashville matchup did pretty well for NBC.

    To me it seems that the larger Souther market teams are the issue: Atlanta, Miami (Florida Panthers), and Phoenix. While the smaller southern market teams; Nashville, Tampa, and Carolina seem to be doing fine.

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