Ratings For Nights 15 & 16 of the Playoffs

Wednesday, April 27

6:30 p.m. Hockey Central – 139,000 viewers
7:00 p.m. Montreal vs. Boston, Game 7 – 926,000 viewers
10:06 p.m. Tampa Bay vs. Pittsburgh, Game 7 – 1,512,000 viewers
10:45 p.m. Hockey Central – 467,000 viewers

Thursday, April 28

8:30 p.m. Hockey Central – 82,000 viewers
9:00 p.m. Nashville vs. Vancouver, Game 1 – 484,000 viewers
11:41 p.m. Hockey Central – 209,000 viewers

(Source: Son of the Bronx)


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23 Responses to Ratings For Nights 15 & 16 of the Playoffs

  1. kevin says:

    obviously Nashville and Vancouver are bad for ratings…fortunately one of them will be eliminated

    • Kevin says:

      I don’t think that it is Nashville is the reason why there is a drag on the ratings. If Nashville was playing another American team then I would think that there would be higher ratings, even if they were playing San Jose or Phoenix. Give Nashville time if they win this series then people will stand up and take notice of the Predators.

      • Ryan says:

        Nashville is not a traditional hockey market, has no stars recognizable to the casual fan, and plays the most boring style of hockey of any team in the NHL. They’re more responsible for the drag on ratings than Vancouver.

      • Sean says:

        Vancouver’s definitely not the problem, the Blackhawks series proved that. It’s Nashville.

        Every Sun Belt NHL team is death to ratings because no one wants to see a Nashville or a Tampa or a Carolina playing hockey. It’s been proven year after year after year.

        The only ‘warm weather’ teams that work are Dallas and Anaheim/Los Angeles because of the size of their markets. Phoenix, Tampa, Florida, Atlanta, Carolina, Nashville….they should all move north because the local support doesn’t outweight the negative impact they have on the league as a whole.

        Chicago/Vancouver would do better ratings than Chicago/Nashville. Nashville is the problem, not Vancouver.

  2. Alex says:

    True but I disagree with Anaheim and Los Angeles being draws. Despite living in So Cal, the Ducks vs Senators Stanley Cup final was the lowest one of the past decade. The Ducks have a lot of stars and should be marketed better.

    • Jack says:

      Part of the reason it was lowest rated ever was due to Ottawa being the opponent. I also never thought the LA market needed a second team as I think it hurts the Kings…who seem to have trouble staying relevant in the market to begin with. That said, I think a couple deep playoff runs by the Kings would or could change that.

      The Ducks are a poor man’s Islanders on the west coast.

  3. Ryan says:

    Any of the Sun Belt teams can be successful ratings draws if they’re successful on the ice for more than one or two seasons at a time and play an entertaining style of hockey. Dallas became a good market not because of its size, but because the Stars were one of the Western Conference Big 3 in the late 90s. Denver worked this time because the team was so good for so long.

  4. Markets says:

    As a Canadian market, Vancouver’s viewers don’t count toward Versus’ ratings. Note the difference in the two Eastern Conference Game 7s – TB/PIT wasn’t 50% more interesting, it had 100% more American markets for Versus to count heads in.

    If the Canucks win their series, we’ll see “disappointing” ratings for the Western Conference Finals. That’s not an indicator of the quality of the hockey, it’s an indicator of the bias inherent in Versus’ American-only ratings.

    • Ryan says:

      Edmonton in the 80s weren’t a US ratings problem. People will watch a dynasty, and Vancouver’s teetering on that precipice.

      • nosferatu says:

        Whoa, Nellie! “Teetering on the precipice” of a dynasty? I’d worry about getting to the conference finals and then winning a Cup before taking it *this* far.

      • Markets says:

        Whoa there, Sparky. Are you really going to claim that the best possible “comparable data point” involves the Gretzky/Messier/Kurri dynasty of a quarter-century ago?

        As counterclaim, I’d like to submit Round 1 numbers from these very same playoffs. Keep in mind, the NHL’s ratings for the first round were better than they’ve been in the last 16 years.

        Let’s compare Thursday night viewership from 9:00pm ET and later:

        Thursday, April 14
        9:35 p.m. Buffalo vs. Philadelphia, Game 1 – 660,000 viewers
        10:00 p.m. Los Angeles vs. San Jose, Game 1 – 381,000 viewers

        Thursday, April 21
        10:00 p.m. Chicago vs. Vancouver, Game 5 – 590,000 viewers
        12:37 a.m. San Jose vs. Los Angeles, Game 4 – 316,000 viewers

        For having just one American team to count, Nashville’s numbers are pretty much in line with sexier Western Conference teams who don’t get saddled with the “doomed Sun Belt” moniker.

        One more data point to throw out there, to compare with NAS/VAN’s 484,000 viewers:

        Wednesday, April 13
        7:00 p.m. Phoenix vs. Detroit, Game 1 – 484,000 viewers

        Even if Phoenix drew a flat zero, Nashville’s numbers for Game 1 of the second round matched Detroit’s numbers for Game 1 of the first, despite starting two hours later.

        I think that while every Sun Belt team may not survive, it’s categorically wrong to stereotype them all and wish for them all to fail. Claiming that viewership for one game proves the failure of hockey in Nashville is ridiculously poor analysis. It’s an attempt to make the numbers fit the predetermined conclusion, rather than allowing the results to speak for themselves.

      • nosferatu says:

        Was this Nashville game exclusively on Versus, though? I guess that would be one difference. The SJ-LA series put up some bigger numbers on some nights, and the games weren’t exclusive.

        Also, it’s kind of tough to use the numbers of a telecast that began at 12:37 a.m. Only die-hards on the east coast are tuning in at that hour, compared to a game that encompasses all of the 9-11:30 p.m. time slot.

  5. Bower Power says:

    Forgive me for not knowing, but are the ratings in any way dependent on when a game ends? (Average between start viewers and final viewers, for example).

    If so, I’d have to think that the fact that NSH@VAN ended past 1:30AM in the East Coast would have a pretty significant effect on those numbers.

  6. Turlin says:

    Come on, deductive reasoning people. The ratings have much more to do with Game 7’s vs. Game 1 than anything else. Game 7 ratings are always going to be substantialy higher. What you have to do is compare game 1’s. Oh, wait, we can! According to that ‘2011 Stanley Cup Playoff Ratings’ link up top, we can see that the Boston-Montreal game 1, also on a Versus’ Thurday, had 510,000 viewers. Buffalo v. Philadelphia had all of 660,000 viewers. Los Angeles vs. San Jose, admittedly at 10pm, had 381,000 viewers. Oh those Californian teams, bringing everybody down. Nashville-Vancouver (9pm start) fits right in.

    Also, game 6 of Pit-TB, monday on versus, had 719,000 viewers. So the ratings MORE THAN DOUBLED for game 7. Again, game 7s, people. So relax.

    • BMG says:

      should have read everyone’s post before I wrote. It is pretty easy to see their is big differences between the examples they are using.

  7. BMG says:

    The numbers are definetely lower but their is a lot of things to go into play as to why. The previous nights games where game 7’s. The previous nights first game started 3 hours earlier than Preds and Nucks, it had carry over to the second game which was also a game 7. Preds and Nucks neverplayed in the playoffs before no Rivalry, nothing to help lead you into it. It was game 1 in the series. They started 3 hours later than the previous 1st game and an hour later than the 2nd game played the previous night. I think these are things that should be considered when looking at the numbers and again yes I do agree they are low but the start time sucks. I still would like to know how many of those watching where Preds fan because it’s a frenzy down here in Nashville.

  8. Jack says:

    Nashville is turning into a solid hockey market. Attendance and local tv ratings are on the rise; I’m happy to see it! If these southern market teams consistently put competitive teams on the ice then people will come; examples being: Dallas, San Jose, Carolina, and now Nashville and Tampa.

    I’m probably in the minority when it comes to Phoenix as I want them to stay; no offense to the great hockey fans in Winnipeg. If Phoenix gets stable ownership and continues to put a good team on the ice then I think things will turn around. It’s too big a market to walk away from; just my opinion.

  9. Neil says:

    Nobody in Tennessee is watching the Preds on Versus because it’s blacked out, instead, it’s on the regional Fox Sports. Nobody in the California Bay Area is watching the Sharks on Versus because it’s on the regional Comcast Sports. Both of these drag national numbers down. If you want this in perspective, becasue of the much, much better TV contract beginning next season, this won’t be a problem at all.

    • Kevin says:

      Game 1 of Preds/Canucks was on Versus in Nashville and across the U.S.. Not all games in Round 2 are on RSN’s, Versus has some exclusive telecasts for Round 2.

      Numbers are fine. Nothing to bad or to worry about. This series could go 6 or 7. So we’ll see when those numbers come out.

  10. kevin says:

    500,000 for Nash/Van game 1 is pretty good actually….a long series should approach 750k

  11. branden says:

    I’m sure that Steve Carrells final episode of “The Office” and “American Idol” airing at the same time had nothing to do with the low ratings….right. Morons.

  12. Shawn says:

    I love how all of these “hockey purists” immediately jump to the conclusion that Nashville has no business in the NHL because of low ratings. Hockey has exploded in and around Nashville over the last dozen years and new leagues and rinks are sprouting up everywhere. Our players are great role models that spend countless hours working in the community. (and not just showing up for photo ops)

    I can not understand how people can proclaim their love for the sport of hockey, yet have no interest in others learning to love it as well. I think any true hockey fan would appreciate the blue collar work ethic that the Preds bring to the ice every night. (with the exception of game 1 against Vancouver. haha)

    So, back off my team or get on the band wagon. Go Preds!

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