NBC Local Numbers For the Weekend

NBC did pretty well in all four of the local markets that kept an eye on hockey this weekend, with Detroit topping them all without the option of watching games on CBC.

Saturday’s Bruins/Flyers Game 1 drew an 11.1/29 in Boston, and a 6.6/17 in Philadelphia – where the game was competing with the end of a Phillies/Mets game on FOX and where there may have been some tune-out due to the blowout nature of this game. The numbers for last year’s Flyers/Bruins Game 1 are unavailable. The most recent games each team played were Game 7’s that aired on cable. Flyers/Sabres Game 7 drew a 12.6 on CSN Philadelphia, while Bruins/Canadiens drew a 17.7 on NESN.

As for Sunday’s Red Wings/Sharks Game 2, the broadcast on NBC drew a 14.0/27 in the Detroit market, and a 4.3/14 in the San Jose/San Francisco/Oakland “Bay Area” market. The numbers in Detroit are well up from the 11.9/25 for Game 2 of Red Wings/Coyotes on April 17th, which was also available on CBC. As for the Bay Area, the most recent numbers we have for comparison is the 5.6 the Sharks drew in the market for Game 1 of the Western Conference Final against Chicago last year, as well as the 4.4 the market drew for Game 4 of that very same series. Overall, a pretty good weekend for all four areas.


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One Response to NBC Local Numbers For the Weekend

  1. Peter Young says:

    Being a Boston Bruins/hockey fan from Vt, I wonder if the tv ratings that are published extend beyond the city of Boston, especially when games are on NESN. I live in the Conneticut Upper valley, which borders VT/NH, and work in Lebanon NH. I have had the same job for a decade and I engage in hockey talk evetyday with several people. I think the popularity is increasing more than what the nielsen ratings are reporting.

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