Blackhawks/Canucks Out-Draws Flyers/Sabres In Game 7 Doubleheader, VERSUS Averages 1 Million For Tuesday Night

Though neither game topped the viewership for Game 6 of the epic Canucks/Blackhawks seires, both Game 7’s that VERSUS broadcast on their Super Tuesday combined to average more than a million viewers last night, in what was a very good night for the sport and the network.

VERSUS’ broadcast of Game 7 between the Buffalo Sabres and Philadelphia Flyers drew 984,000 viewers, according to the network. We don’t have numbers in from Saturday or Monday yet, but for now the game is the top non-Canucks/Blackhawks quarterfinal broadcast for the network. This was up 6% from VERSUS’ Game 5 telecast, which averaged 931,000 viewers. The network averaged 829,000 viewers for three broadcasts from the seven-game series.

Immediately after, the network headed out to Vancouver for a magnificent Game 7 between the Vancouver Canucks and Chicago Blackhawks. That telecast drew an average of 1.135 million viewers in the late night slot, and is the second most-watched VERSUS first round broadcast this year, and in network history for the Conference Quarterfinal. It was down a little over 2% from the network’s Game 6 broadcast on Sunday night, which set an all-time Round 1 record for VERSUS. The network averaged 763,000 viewers over seven telecasts for the instant classic series.

It’ll be interesting to see if the network can top that with a Game 7 between two storied franchises in Montreal and Boston tonight.

Viewership Numbers For Chicago/Vancouver series on VERSUS

Game 1, 4/13/11: 540,000 viewers
Game 2, 4/15/11:
606,000 viewers
Game 3, 4/17/11:
689,000 viewers
Game 4, 4/19/11:
621,000 viewers
Game 5, 4/21/11:
590,000 viewers
Game 6, 4/24/11:
1.16 million viewers 
Game 7, 4/26/11:
1.135 million viewers

Viewership Numbers for Buffalo/Philadelphia on VERSUS

Game 3, 4/18/11: 572,000 viewers
Game 5, 4/22/11: 931,000 viewers
Game 7, 4/26/11: 984,000 viewers

4 Responses to Blackhawks/Canucks Out-Draws Flyers/Sabres In Game 7 Doubleheader, VERSUS Averages 1 Million For Tuesday Night

  1. Kevin says:

    Tuesday not Wednesday in the title. Great numbers!! Good for the NHL

  2. Scott says:

    How does the fact that local broadcast in Chicago was on Comcast Sports Net instead of Versus affect the numbers?

  3. Kevin says:

    Since I’m on a roll and it’s on topic, did you see the SBJ article from yesterday? The finals for the Sabres/Flyers Game OT Game on Sunday was a 1.4 and 2.57 million viewers. That’s pretty damn good. And it also has some other notes in it..

    Here it is if you haven’t seen it: (not sure if it’ll appear as a link. Might have to copy and paste)

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