Montreal/Boston Game 7 Tomorrow At 7 on VERSUS, Tampa/Pittsburgh Joined In Progress, Moves to TSN

According to VERSUS, they will air Game 7 of the Bruins vs. Canadiens series tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. ET, with the pre-game beginning at 6:30 p.m. ET. VERSUS will air in progress coverage of Game 7, Lightning vs. Penguins at 8:00 p.m. ET once the Bruins/Canadiens game is over.

Meanwhile, in Canada, Lightning/Penguins Game 7 will be moved to TSN for the first time in the series, while Bruins/Canadiens will air on CBC as is usual.


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13 Responses to Montreal/Boston Game 7 Tomorrow At 7 on VERSUS, Tampa/Pittsburgh Joined In Progress, Moves to TSN

  1. Wade says:

    Does TSN send their own crew to PIT or do they use CBC feed? I remember this happening, correct me if I’m wrong, in 09 CAR/BOS game 7 where TSN showed it when CBC originally had rights to it and I believe they used their own crew.

  2. pablo says:

    Steve, any chance NHL Network is allowed to show PIT-TB, since Versus has announced they will show MTL-BOS to its conclusion? Or does Versus have exclusive (non-local) rights to the PIT-TB game? FYI, asking as an out-of-Pittsburgh Pens fan trying to figure out if I have to go out to the bar to see (the first 2 periods of) the game tomorrow night.

    • stevelepore says:

      I’m trying to find out. We’ll see.

      • Estimated Prophet says:

        Stevelepore, your digging will be appreciated.

        The NHL Network’s airing of games in the first round as well as Versus tying up two games at the same time have made NHL Center Ice irrelevant in the playoffs.

        I’ve had it on DirecTV since 1997 and we always got the local feeds of at least a few games including the CBC feed of one or more games involving Canadian teams. I didn’t keep track this year but only a few game 1 or 2, i.e. early in the series were available. This diminishes the value of the package, which has been marketed as carrying “select first and second round playoff games.”

        I attended the Calder Cup game 7 in Cleveland tonight and set my DVR to record the NESN feed, which was the only one listed. I hope I don’t find 3 hours of blackout!

      • nosferatu says:

        The NESN broadcast was also on Center Ice. I found listening to Jack Edwards much more fun than the CBC feed. If it had been Hughson and Simpson, that would be one thing, but no this time.

        And I have to say, Center Ice has still been huge this postseason. The Versus JIP games were still on there in their entirety. Don’t forget that next round it could also come into play, although I’m guessing it’ll be populated mostly with Nashville-Vancouver games, if that series happens.

    • marv935 says:

      NHL network will show the PIT-TB game. There is a very good chance- given how close the BOS-MTL game shave been that the seventh game could go into overtime and Versus will not show any coverage of PIT-TB tonight.

  3. Al says:

    Chris Cuthbert & Pierre McGuire for TB-PIT for TSN.

  4. Jake says:

    Any idea when the Red Wings/Sharks series will start? Friday night and Sunday on NBC? I know the schedule won’t come out officially until tonight, but any advance info would be greatly appreciated.

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