Your Announcers and Open Thread For Day 12 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Philadelphia vs. Buffalo, Game 6, 3:00 p.m. ET 

National TV (US): NBC
Play by Play: Mike Emrick
Color: Eddie Olczyk
Inside the Glass: Darren Pang

National TV (Canada): TSN

Anaheim vs. Nashville, Game 6, 6:00 p.m. ET

National TV (Canada): TSN
Play by Play: Chris Cuthbert
Inside the Glass: Pierre McGuire

Vancouver vs. Chicago, Game 6, 7:30 p.m. ET

National TV (US): VERSUS
Play by Play: Kenny Albert
Color: Daryl Reaugh
Inside the Glass: Darren Eliot

National TV (Canada): CBC
Play by Play: Jim Hughson
Color: Craig Simpson
Reporter: Scott Oake

14 Responses to Your Announcers and Open Thread For Day 12 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs

  1. Wade says:

    I will be disappointed if Versus decides to go with Game 6 of BOS/MTL instead of Game 7 of PHI/BUF. They can cop out by showing the BOS/MTL game since it starts at 7pm, which PHI/BUF starts at 7:30pm so it could be joined in progress. I hope they just show the PHI/BUF game since it is guaranteed to be a clinching game!

    • stevelepore says:

      Buffalo/Philadelphia is in first position for VERSUS Tuesday, should be Doc and Panger on the call.

      • stevelepore says:

        More complicated would be the late game. VERSUS’ talent sched. sent to me says NSH @ ANA, with nothing left as an “OR”, unlike the Monday 7et slot or the Tuesday 7et slot, which were “NYR/WSH OR PIT/TB” and “BUF/PHI OR MTL/BOS”. VERSUS only anticipated having NSH/ANA as an option. I will check and see if they budge on that.

      • Wade says:

        Okay, good. Any idea if Versus is sending a crew to Tampa tomorrow? I’d assume SJ/LA will be CSN Cali coverage once again like it’s been all series. I’ve enjoyed listening to their coverage a lot. Randy Hahn was always good on Versus telecasts in the past. He and Drew Remenda are very good and aren’t big time homers which is nice to listen to.

      • stevelepore says:

        VERSUS is sending a crew to Tampa, not to LA.

  2. Wade says:

    To follow up on what you said about the late game. If VAN/CHI goes 7, I don’t see why that wouldn’t be the late game (10:00pm) on Versus since it’s been on ahead of ANA/NSH in previous late time slotted games all playoffs. Also, ANA/NSH is a 10:30pm start, so it can even be joined in progress after the VAN/CHI game.

    • nosferatu says:

      I also would very much like it if they moved it back, now that there’s no ANA/NSH game to compete with, to the 10:30 slot to prevent, as much as possible, any overlap from the earlier game(s). Especially with all the drama that’s been generated in this VAN/CHI series, I would really love to watch it from the very start–if possible.

  3. Wade says:

    John Forslund tweeted an hour ago that he’ll be in Vancouver Tuesday night. Possibly Strader/Engblom (Inside the Glass) tomorrow in Tampa. Only reason I think this is because every other analyst Versus has used this playoffs worked today and Engblom hasn’t worked since Friday, even though Engblom has only worked with Forslund so far in the playoffs. As for Tuesday: Doc/Panger (Inside the Glass) in Philly (as you pointed out Steve). Forslund/Reaugh (Color)/Eliot (Inside the Glass) in Vancouver. Once again, these are all just guesses.

    • nosferatu says:

      I guess it’s kind of asking a lot considering everything, but it would be nice to have some more consistency with the announcing teams. We’ll see how this plays out next season with the expanded coverage. I do like the addition of Kenny Albert to Versus’s coverage, though. He’s one of *maybe* a dozen American announcers I’ve heard (and I’ve had Center Ice for two years now) who really knows how to call a good game.

      • Arthur says:

        Tampa Tonight: Strader/Reaugh/Pang
        Philly Tomorrow: Emrick/Pang
        Vancouver Tomorrow: Forslund/Reaugh/Engblom

        Hey Nos, every single PXP across the NHL knows how to call a good game. They also know where their bread is buttered so if a guy like Jack Edwards goes bananas on his home NESN feed, you know why. But if you put him on on ESPN show like he used to do, he plays it straight down the middle to his national audience. That is why the cretins out there who yell and scream that “Emrick sucks” and rip every announcer but their home ones know nothing about television.

      • Ryan says:

        Hey Arthur, as somebody who lives in the Calgary/Edmonton coverage area, let me say that no, not every PXP across the NHL knows how to call a good game.

      • nosferatu says:


        I agree that it’s not like these guys are total hacks, but safe to say there are some who just don’t match up to others. Not to make it personal, but I’m not a fan at all of the PxP guys for Florida and Columbus, and can at times understand the outcry against the guys for Pittsburgh, Colorado (though I’m generally okay with those two), and Washington. I’ve warmed somewhat to Pete Weber lately; I think he’s done a good job these playoffs.

        And I actually kind of love listening to Edwards call Bruins games. This series, he’s been so in his element and it’s been perfect in his own intentionally-demented way.

  4. Arthur says:

    Sorry, No Reaugh in TB tonight.

    Sorry also for those who live in CGY/EDM coverage area. Sucks being you.

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