VERSUS May Need To Make Some Changes Due To Sweeps

You can’t blame VERSUS for picking Phoenix/Detroit and Vancouver/Chicago as it’s main series of focus from the Western Conference – or at least the ones that got an original broadcast – in the first round. Detroit has a following the extends around the country, plus they were in a re-match with a Phoenix team that took them to seven last year. Chicago are last year’s champions, therefore an immediate storyline in the playoffs. They were good calls.

That said, they are both – more than likely – going to end in sweeps. I mean, perhaps Chicago will force it to a Game 5, but I honestly don’t think Phoenix will put anything together in Game 4 after their performance last night. So, VERSUS will need to make some scheduling adjustments, starting with Thursday and Friday, on which Game 5 of both series was scheduled to air. Here was the original picture:

Thursday, April 21
Boston vs. Montreal, Game 4
10:00 Chicago vs. Vancouver, Game 5 (if necessary)

Friday, April 22
7:00 Phoenix vs. Detroit, Game 5 (if necessary)
10:00 Nashville vs. Anaheim, Game 5

Now, if both those series end in sweeps, here’s what we shall likely see later in the week:

Thursday, April 21
Boston vs. Montreal, Game 4
10:30 San Jose vs. Los Angeles, Game 4

Friday, April 22
Buffalo vs. Philadelphia, Game 5
10:00 Nashville vs. Anaheim, Game 5

VERSUS will typically pick up any replacement game available so they don’t waste a timeslot. That is one of the few benefits of being with one network. That network can simply replace any series after it ends with another, without viewers missing any hockey. It’s sort of consolation. In the end, sometimes you get really good opening rounds, sometimes you don’t. For VERSUS, they’ll likely want to just hope their selection for the Conference Semifinals goes better.


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