Jack Edwards Adds Another to the Vault


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4 Responses to Jack Edwards Adds Another to the Vault

  1. Sean says:

    Edwards was FIRED UP last night. He was ripping the Canadiens for diving all game long.

    There was also a fight that was preceded by a Canadien player hitting a defenseless Bruin who was looking the other way (the name escapes me now). Anyway, Edwards went on a three-minute diatribe about how dirty the Candiens are and how hypocritical they are for bitching about the Chara hit.

  2. Martin says:

    That was Ference and Pouliot. He also made some disparaging comments about Pouliot while the fight was going on. I thought it was in bad taste and went too far. After watching the NESN broadcast, I changed allegiances and started cheering for the Habs just because of the comments that Brick and Edwards made throughout the game. Some were ridiculous and quite honestly, unprofessional.

  3. Arthur says:

    Jack Edwards is the biggest joke of an announcer in ALL of pro sports. Thanks your lucky stars that the RSNs are out after the first round starting next year in the new NBC deal. You’ll get an unbiased neutral, professional call from NBC/Versus.

  4. Tony says:

    Edwards is an embarrassment to not only the great history of Boston sportscasters but to the NHL as well. You can sense that Brickley “feels shame” after some of Edwards unprofessional and sensational outbursts.
    Fred Cusick, I miss you…………….and I’m a NY Rangers fan!
    C’mon NESN, pull the trigger!

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