NBC Local Numbers: Detroit, Washington Impressive; Phoenix Disappointing

The national numbers may not have blown anyone away for the NHL On NBC this weekend, but in local markets, the NHL did pretty well for the most part.

For Saturday’s Coyotes vs. Red Wings, Game 2, NBC scored an 11.9/25 in the Detroit market according to an NBC Sports spokesman. This was up 22% from the 9.4 rating the Red Wings drew against the Coyotes for Game 1, which aired on cable’s FS Detroit. While solid, this was down 15% from the 13.9/27 that Game 3 of Phoenix/Detroit drew on April 19, 2010.

The number in Phoenix, a 2.1/6, was well down from some of the local numbers we were seeing from last year (including a 4.7 for Game 2 in Phoenix on FS Detroit) and down a staggering 45% from the 3.8/9 Game 3 of the Coyotes/Wings series did in the market last year. Please note that the game started in the AM hours in Arizona this year.

As for New York/Washington, both markets did pretty well, and were up slightly from the only currently known local figures for the series, those of Game 1. The New York market, on a very competitive sports day and with the Rangers down two games, drew a 3.8/9. This was up 11% from the 3.4 Game 1 drew. Though they’ll be compared unfavorably to the 5.4 the Knicks/Celtics game drew on TNT (plus whatever the game added to it on MSG), that game was in primetime and the first Knicks playoff game in years. All in all, decent performance from a Ranger fanbase that has been criticized perhaps a few too many times by yours truly this season.

In Washington, Game 3 drew a 6.2/15, up a bit from Game 1’s terrific 6.1 on Comcast Sportsnet. There are no comparable numbers from last year, since NBC did not get the chance to air any Capitals games during the post-season. The game added a number of viewers with a very solid 3.1/7 from the Baltimore market.

7 Responses to NBC Local Numbers: Detroit, Washington Impressive; Phoenix Disappointing

  1. Lola says:

    The Canadian programming schedule might have a bit to do with Detroit’s 15% decrease from DET/PHX Game 3 last year. In 2010, that series aired on TSN but this year it’s available on CBC. Many (most?) Detroit-area TV viewers have access to both NBC and the Windsor CBC station.

    It’s certainly anecdotal, but a lot of Detroit hockey fans seem to prefer CBC for national games. I’m in northeastern Michigan and get the Montreal CBC broadcast. When Windsor’s CBC station was airing a Leafs game instead of this year’s Winter Classic, I had many frustrated friends downstate.

    • Martin says:

      You are correct but since CBC Windsor isn’t available in HD, I’m guessing that they have lost much of their audience as HD grows in the States.

  2. leafsfan1967 says:

    Interesting that Phoenix is down. Isn’t it time that the NHL gave up on the hopeless situation there and moved the team back where it belongs….in Winnipeg?

  3. Colton says:

    You say that the NHL should give up on the Coyotes, well it seems the people in Arizona have given up on the Coyotes. Which is a shame because this is the best team that they’ve ever had in the desert.

    I wonder if they’ll do a swap, Manitoba Moose for the Phoenix Coyotes.

    • Josh says:

      I don’t think a straight-up swap would make much sense. I’ve read that the Canucks would rather transfer their AHL team to Victoria, a ferry ride away from the big club, and where an ECHL team currently toils.

    • nosferatu says:

      It was a 10 a.m. local start for Phoenix. Not to cut them too much slack, but I wonder what kind of numbers some of the teams in the east would draw at a 10 a.m. local start time (not like that would ever happen, of course).

  4. Dave Sullivan says:

    I think the NHL is going to give Phoenix every second, third, and twenty eighth chance to find an owner who will keep them there. For one thing, they don’t want a game of musical chairs like the one going on in the NBA. What’s more, if the Coyotes have to move, the league would probably rather see them in Kansas City, what with the Sprint Center just waiting for a team. Say what you will about Phoenix – maybe the NHL never belonged there – but Winnipeg never belonged in the NHL.

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