Night 2 VERSUS Ratings

(Source: Son of the Bronx

6:30 p.m. Hockey Central – 62,000 viewers
7:00 p.m. Montreal vs. Boston, Game 1* – 510,000 viewers
9:35 p.m. Buffalo vs. Philadelphia, Game 1 – 660,000 viewers
10:00 p.m. Los Angeles vs. San Jose, Game 1^ – 381,000 viewers
1:25 a.m. Hockey Central – 121,000 viewers

*-Did not air in Boston
^-Did not air in Los Angeles or San Jose  

One Response to Night 2 VERSUS Ratings

  1. Brian says:

    If Versus really wanted to keep the NHL rights as much as NBC says it does, they would have had Flyers-Sabers on instead of Indy Car and Lacrosse. As you said, no reason they can’t do for the NHL what ESPN/ABC is doing for the NBA. If they won’t, then it is time for the NHL to find a new rights holder.

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