VERSUS to Open with Rangers/Capitals, NBC with Coyotes/Red Wings

Doc Emrick just announced on NBC that VERSUS will open with Rangers/Capitals Game 1 on Wednesday at 7:00 PM ET. NBC will open with Game 2 of Coyotes/Red Wings on Saturday at 1:00 PM ET.


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12 Responses to VERSUS to Open with Rangers/Capitals, NBC with Coyotes/Red Wings

  1. Stu Dolgon says:

    That should mean Rangers-Caps Game 2 Friday and Game 3 Sunday afternoon on NBC. John Giannone of the MSG Network tweeted that last night.

  2. Kevin Schloemp says:

    I think the the words: “Why am I not surprised.” come to mind when seeing the Saturday NBC match-up. This must of been NBC’s protocol for playoff coverage: “Let’s put on the Detroit Red Wings. Who cares who they are playing, we have the Red Wings.” The Lightning/Penguins series would be a good one to put on, but can’t put on Tampa Bay because the people running NBC Sports don’t consider Tampa Bay part of the NHL for TV purposes. I can’t wait to see the “West Coast/Sun Belt Screw Job” that Versus will put on. I am glad I have NHL Center Ice, so I know I won’t miss a game. I sure hope that there will be a second cable outlet in the next TV deal and hopefully there will be some other OTA TV partner. Every fan should root for Tampa or Montreal to come out of the East and anyone except Detroit or Chicago in the West, so that there is a “Screw NBC” final.

    • Caps Nut says:

      Do you really think a new TV partner would change things??? We didn’t call it ESPNguin back in the old days for nothing….

      At least when they weren’t shoving Detroit-Colorado down our throats…

      • Kevin Schloemp says:

        I agree with you, but I feel that if there were a second cable partner like a USA Network or a Turner outlet (TruTV, TNT, or TBS) there would be more of an opportunity to put on West Coast and Sun Belt teams. Think of what a weeknight double header on a second cable outlet would look like. Example: First game would be Penguins/Rangers or Flyers/Wings and the night cap being Kings/Stars or Avs/Sharks. And the playoffs would be better too because a second cable outlet would have more games to put on nationally. For those hockey fans that don’t have NHL Gamecenter Live or NHL Center Ice they would have more opportunities to watch the first and second round coverage. Last season the Devils/Flyers series did not have any games on Versus or NBC and the year before that the Devils/Canes series had no games on Versus or NBC (to be fair they did break in for JIP coverage a couple of the games). That is why I say that there needs to be a second cable outlet and different contract for showing games OTA in the US.

  3. Cory says:

    TBF Devils-Canes game 6 in 2009 was on Versus.

    I understand what your saying with the jist of your post though.

    • Kevin Schloemp says:

      Thank you for pointing that out. I am a huge Devils fan and it just sucks that teams are left out in the cold. I just feel that there should be an advacate out there for the fans of the teams that get no respect on national television despite the fact that they have good teams (Nashville, LA, NJ, TB, etc.)

  4. Kevin says:

    @ Kevin Schloemp did you look at the Versus numbers. What is the most common factor in almost all of the lowest-viewed games? They involved west coast or western conference teams. Can’t complain about that. And don’t make it like this is an NHL-only thing. The NBA does the exact same thing. And I believe the MLB does it also (but I’m not sure cause I don’t watch baseball)..

    They put the games on that more people will watch. Which means more people care about those games.

  5. Arthur says:

    Yeah Schloemp, let’s get NHL games on trutv or a USA affiliate channel. Real great idea. And which network is ESPN going to place NHL games on? The Ocho?
    Versus does a great job serving the NHL fan on a NATIONAL basis. You have no idea what you’re talking about and know nothing about ratings and ad dollars. But keep up the fight for the little guys (NSH, NJ and TB which only appeared on Versus 4-5 times). I’m sure those teams appreciate you battling it out for them. Except for Lou Lamoriello who, if he had his choice, would play all his team’s games in front of nobody.

    • stevelepore says:

      If it weren’t for Nordiques fans, he might get his wish on some days.

    • Kevin Schloemp says:

      And if anyone cared to understand the the NBA TV deal. It says that every team has to be featured once on national TV (either TNT, ESPN or ABC). Why couldn’t the NHL do it. What about one of the NBC 7 taking on a team that is on the West Coast or Sun Belt. That is where the NBA gets it right.

      • Caps Nut says:

        Why? Because the NHL isn’t in the same position as the NBA is when it comes to TV rights.

        Look, I’m with you that it is annoying as all get out. Before the Caps got Captain A.O., they were hardly ever on National TV unless they were playing one of the chosen few so I know how you feel. But as others have pointed out, it is all about ratings and the NBC 7 have been proven ratings winners.


    Really wanted Carolina to win last night so none of the NBC 7 would be playing each other in first round.

    Flyers / Sabres and Lightning/Penguins should be good series, Tampa has a pretty good chance of winning it. Sharks/Kings should be good also. There are a lot of good young players in the league, that dont get national spotlight they should. And with all the money NBC spends on Olympics coverage, why wouldnt they want to show Buffalo(with the silver medal team goaltender from the last games) playing one of last year’s finalists ?

    And Dallas just let Chicago back into playoffs.

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