The 2011 Stanley Cup Playoff Schedule …

is here.

Super-schedule later, or when we finally see some networks for this stuff. Thanks for reading Puck the Media.

6 Responses to The 2011 Stanley Cup Playoff Schedule …

  1. Thanks for the great coverage.

    Pleasantly surprised that 4 of the first 5 games for the Canadiens will be on Versus. Wonder if Versus will send its own crew or grab the feed from CBC or NESN. (Rooting for a CBC feed.)

    Love that the Canucks are also on, but this isn’t as much of a surprise. Because Chicago is the other team, I’ll be blacked out for any CBC simulcasts on Versus. 😦

  2. nosferatu says:

    I hate that Versus claims games that start half an hour after their original game as “joined-in-progress (JIP).” I mean, call it bonus coverage or whatever, but IF viewers get the last ten minutes of the game (barring OT in the original game), it just looks kind of like a joke on this side.

    I’m just hoping that in cases like Wednesday night, when Versus does this by taking the Phoenix-Detroit game at 7 and JIPing the NYR-Washington game (7:30) that Center Ice still picks up the feed for the Rangers-Caps. i know in the past they haven’t done it with several JIP games.

    • Stephen says:

      Relax, Sam Flood is the new producer of VERSUS and NBC Sports. He knows to fix the problem.

      • nosferatu says:

        Well, they’ve got in on the schedule. I think it’s more up to the NHL and Center Ice, though, as to whether or not the JIP games are allowed to be on Center Ice.

      • Arthur says:

        There you go again. You must be his son or nephew.

    • Martin says:

      When did Center Ice have issues with JIP games? I don’t remember ever having that issue. CI has always shown the JIP games in their entirety. I do think it’s silly to call it a triple header or something to that effect. They should do live look-ins of the bonus games during the intermissions. I don’t recall that in the past.

      The only issue I’ve ever seen is when Versus has exclusive rights and it’s a double-header. The first game goes into overtime and many places don’t carry the alternate feed for that second game. Directv added an alternate feed last year, so that problem has gone away there assuming they use an alternate feed again this year – its on Channel 604. I’m sure that’s not case for most providers though and that can be frustrating as a fan.

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