Red Wings-Blackhawks Sunday Open Thread, Plus Playoff Scheduling Rumors Open Thread

Detroit vs. Chicago, 12:30 PM ET, NBC (HD)
Play by Play:
Mike Emrick
Color: Eddie Olczyk
Inside the Glass: Pierre McGuire

NHL Playoff Match-up Scheduling Show, 10:00 PM ET, NHL Network (HD)
Brian Duff
Analysts: Billy Jaffe and Mike Johnson

9 Responses to Red Wings-Blackhawks Sunday Open Thread, Plus Playoff Scheduling Rumors Open Thread

  1. Will says:

    HNIC (MacLean) said in the post-game that Montreal vs. Boston will start on Thursday with Game 1, Game 2 on Saturday, and interestingly enough, Game 3 on Sunday in Montreal.

    • Arthur says:

      Of course it will start Thursday. That leaves Game 2 for HNIC. And yes they are going back-to-back because there is a concert at Bell Centre Wednesday that prevents a M/W schedule. It is all about building availability at this time of year folks. But I’m sure Lepore knows that with his extensive experience in this sport.

      • stevelepore says:

        I had an available arena dates list, but it was being saved for something that I was never able to do, and then I lost it. Apologies all around.

        Note that Madison Square Garden is free for a lot of the Spring, partially due to the fact that they probably felt they’d be renovating by now.

        I would imagine we’ll see an Eastern series Saturday on NBC. Maybe Caps/Rangers, though I’ve heard they want to start that on Wednesday.

        Quite a few arenas have events planned for nights on NBC’s Finals Schedule, too. But that’s for later.

      • Matt says:

        NYR/WSH and TB/PIT should start Wednesday, with BUF/PHI and MTL/BOS on Thursday. Sunday NBC should be WSH-NYR Game 3. Saturday NBC should be BUF/PHI Game 2. Red Wings would also be a possibility, but they’ll probably start Wednesday, so SJ and VAN can go Thursday/Saturday due to arena conflicts and CBC preferences. Thus, the Red Wings will probably host Game 2 on Friday.

  2. Matt says:

    NBC confirmed the following:

    NYR at WSH Game 1, Wednesday at 7:00 on Versus
    PHX at DET Game 2, Saturday at 1:00 on NBC

  3. Larry says:

    Arthur is never wrong…like his confirmed back to back games for habs…since monday the bell centre is booked….hmmm guess habs are in boston for first three games….matt according to versus and ny n was on versus …could b jip though

    • Arthur says:

      They are going back-to-back Larry. Only now it is for Games 6 & 7. The concert did prevent them from going M/W as I thought it would. I can’t believe the GM’s approved the 6/7 back-to-back instead of games 2/3.

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