Red Wings Visit Blackhawks in What Could, if You Think About it, Could Be the Final Game of the Week Ever on NBC

NEW YORK – April 6, 2011 – In a game that may have significant playoff implications for both teams, the defending Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks host the Detroit Red Wings at United Center this Sunday at 12:30 p.m. ET in the final regular-season installment of NBC Sports’ “NHL Game of the Week.”


The Blackhawks are fighting for their playoff lives, currently tied for seventh in the Western Conference with Anaheim with 93 points. Calgary and Dallas, however, are right behind with 91 points. As of today, the Blackhawks can finish anywhere from fourth to tenth in the conference. The Red Wings are still vying for playoff positioning, ranking third in the West with 102 points, just one point behind current second-seed San Jose (103). The contest is the final regular-season game for both teams.


Mike “Doc” Emrick (play-by-play), Eddie Olczyk (analyst) and Pierre McGuire (inside-the-glass analyst) call the action on NBC. McGuire will pull double duty, hosting NBC Sports’ studio show with analyst Mike Milbury on site at United Center.


NBCSPORTS.COM: will stream live all “NHL Game of the Week” broadcasts this season, including Red Wings-Blackhawks. It will again offer “Star-cam,” which follows a marquee player in the game. Following the game, will present bonus material, including “Star-cam” and “Net-cam” and bonus analysis from NBC Sports commentators. The NHL on NBC also has its own Facebook page. For NHL news and behind-the-scenes videos and photos, click here


15 Responses to Red Wings Visit Blackhawks in What Could, if You Think About it, Could Be the Final Game of the Week Ever on NBC

  1. Arthur says:

    I wouldn’t bet on that if I were you

    • stevelepore says:

      Neither would I, just thought it was notable since we haven’t seen a new deal yet. Honestly, thought we would have by now. But I know these things can move slowly.

      • Stephen says:

        NBC and VERSUS will keep the NHL rights. We should get the announcement next week

      • nosferatu says:

        I’m still holding out hope that we can get a second cable entity involved to share the wealth of games with Versus.

        Anyone hear any rumors about that possibility lately? I know there was some talk about it, but nothing of late.

      • stevelepore says:

        How confident are you in that, Stephen? Arthur, any opinion?

  2. Arthur says:

    Very confident.
    I also know the league is still negotiating with other networks (ESPN, Turner) so they can maximize their broadcast dollars. NHL has to strike while it is hot with great ratings, buzz etc. But nobody wants to get involved unless they get playoff/Cup Final games. That is the sticking point. You think NBC wants to give those up?
    Look at the big picture. NHLPA wants back on ESPN but where would the Mothership put NHL games on? ESPN360? The Deuce? Too much college hoops on. NHL hardly exists to ESPN at this moment but that would change if they acquired rights and NBA goes on lockout as expected.

    • stevelepore says:

      All very true. I obviously won’t report anything unless it comes from an official source, but feel free to comment or e-mail me if you think were getting close.

      • stevelepore says:

        I really would like to speak to you at some point, Arthur, regardless of whether it’s about the TV deal. Happy to be back here with you to hear your opinions/usually facts.

    • nosferatu says:

      I can understand the desire to get playoff/Cup Final games, but if you use the NBA model (in this case, at least, an acceptable one), it seems to me that a network getting in on things the way TNT does (one night a week doubleheader? Yes, please!) with some playoff games and exclusive rights to one conference final would be just right.

  3. Arthur says:

    Nos, that is what Bettman and the boys are looking at. They make approximately 70mil from Versus and believe me they wanna double that. Another partner like ESPN or Turner is the likely way to do it. ESPN could provide the marketing boost as the youth of America still, for some reason, love SportsCenter and that is how they get their sports news. But ESPN does not show the NHL any love now. If they do a highlight it is buried in the 54th minute of SC. That would probably change if they acquired NHL rights as that is their pattern.
    But NBC/Versus is a great home for the league. It would be silly for Bettman to leave them.

    • stevelepore says:

      Its valuable for the 6 hours of SportsCenter ESPN airs from 9am-3pm, which college students (as I can attest to) just have on as they’re in and out of class during the day. There’s just nothing else on.

  4. Kevin Schloemp says:

    I think any new deal with NBC, ABC or Fox would have to include more games and possibly doubleheaders. NBC just shows too few games for the casual fans to care. The games air at 12:30 which I feel is too early for west coast and Denver/Salt Lake/Phoenix to care about. I say any new deal with a Over-the-air network would have to include three things: More Games (including playoffs), More Teams (seeing the same 6-7 teams over and over again gets boring fast and there are so many stars in the league that NBC just seems not to care about), Later start time (games starting at 3 or 4pm for west coast fans and those that just aren’t going until later in the afternoon). Any cable deal needs more teams to be featured because sometimes it feels like some of the west coast and sun belt teams get the shaft. The Penguins, Red Wings, Rangers, Blackhawks, Flyers, Capitals, and Bruins are featured so much that it seems like there are only those teams in the league. There needs to be a Turner or USA Network to come along and do a once a week double header and show games in the playoffs. This would help the west coast and sun belt teams get featured more and show the casual fans that there are in fact 30 teams in NHL. One other thing: Why isn’t Gary Green being picked up by NBC or Versus? This man could be the next John Madden with his energy and humor. Anytime I am watching NHL On the Fly I hope that he is on because I think he is such an interesting person to listen to and I love his energy on camera.

  5. Larry says:

    I hope its NBCs last Sunday 1030 game. Move back to Saturdays

  6. Dave Sullivan says:

    As far as wishes go, I would like the league to insist that they not be required to schedule any SCF games on consecutive days. This isn’t baseball.

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