An Update on Puck the Media, and Why We’ll Be Ending Our Hiatus Sunday

Hello folks, just being brief here. As I told you, the gig was through the end of the season, and that gig will not be renewed past that for the time being. Not to get into any of the deep details behind it, it was not a quality-based decision, and we part ways on amicable terms with the possibility that I could return in some other form at some point in the future.

I have also, in the wake of this, caught a real liking to writing actual hockey stories. It’s been a lot of fun. So I’m joining up with SBNation’s NHL section to write some of that. I’ll be writing a weekly column, some commentary throughout the week, and probably staying on top of a couple playoff series.

That said, I think with all that, I can bring back Puck the Media soon. The conflict of interest is gone, and the playoffs are here, so why not? Why don’t we agree to reconvene right here on Sunday (with some press releases between now and then) for the annual Stanley Cup Playoff superschedule, as well as all the rumors leading up to it, and have some fun? I thank you for your continued  interest in the site (the pageviews have been surprisingly high since I left) and for all your support.

Also, the contest winners have finally had their prizes sent out.

See you Sunday.

3 Responses to An Update on Puck the Media, and Why We’ll Be Ending Our Hiatus Sunday

  1. Kevin says:

    Great! We need Versus ratings. The NHL had some pretty big games on the last couple of weeks and I was wondering how they did.. And some other NHL stories I thought you should put up

    Rangers/Pens on 3/20 did a final 0.6 and 876k viewers but this weeks Rangers/Flyers game drew a 1.0 overnight.

    RSN Pacific drew 622k viewers for 3/18 game against the Coyotes. Best of the season up to that point!

  2. ARP says:

    Great…you are one of the few blog sites out there I actually read.

  3. Cory says:


    Glad the blog will be returning to being semi-frequently updated

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