Washington Up, Chicago Down in NBC Local Ratings

In a season where the Capitals continue to set a record pace for their local ratings, Sunday marked yet another solid performance in the market on NBC.

Sunday’s Blackhawks/Capitals game on NBC drew a 3.4/9 rating in the Washington TV market, up slightly from the 3.3/7 the network drew in the city for the largely hyped Penguins/Capitals match-up. Ratings for the most recent Capitals game on NBC, against the Sabres on Hockey Day in America, were unavailable. They are well up from NBC’s broadcast of last year’s Capitals/Blackhawks game, which took place in Chicago (last Sunday’s game was in DC) and drew a 2.4/6, and the peak rating for that game in the market (2.9/7) wasn’t even near the average for this Sunday’s game. It isn’t anywhere close, however, to the Caps regular season peak on NBC, that well-known snow game against the Penguins last season, which scored a 5.8/11.

Meanwhile in Chicago, the game drew a fairly solid 4.0/10 in America’s #3 TV market. This is down slightly from both last season’s Caps/Hawks game, which scored a 4.4/10, and the last recorded number for a Hawks game on NBC, a 4.9/10 for their January 23rd tilt against the Philadelphia Flyers. The numbers for their February 20th showdown with the Pittsburgh Penguins were unavailable at this time.

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