VERSUS Ends February With Another Top 10 Game

VERSUS, riding their most successful All-Star broadcast in network history, had a terrific February when it comes to drawing big hockey audiences.

Monday’s Chicago-Minnesota telecast – VERSUS’ last for the month – drew a stellar 474,000 viewers, according to John Ourand. That marks VERSUS’ 7th highest viewership for a game this season, but because VERSUS had such a solid month, only third best on the network during February, falling short to Washington-Pittsburgh on 2/21 and the Heritage Classic on 2/20.

VERSUS had five of their top 10 broadcasts of the season in terms of viewership during February. Meanwhile, their Tuesday broadcast of Buffalo-NY Rangers drew 295,000 viewers, about the VERSUS average for exclusive broadcasts this season, while their simulcast on Wednesday of TSN’s broadcast of Toronto-Pittsburgh drew 176,000 viewers, around the average for VERSUS’ bonus telecast this season.

Top 10 Most-Watched VERSUS Games Through 3/6/11

1. Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia, 12/14/10 – 750,000 viewers
2. Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh, 10/7/10 – 730,000 viewers
3. Washington vs. Pittsburgh, 2/21/11 – 681,000 viewers
4. Montreal vs. Calgary, 2/20/11 – 608,000 viewers
5. NY Rangers vs. Detroit, 2/7/11 – 534,000 viewers
6. Boston vs. Pittsburgh, 1/10/11 – 523,000 viewers
7. Chicago vs. Minnesota, 2/28/11 – 474,000 viewers
8. Pittsburgh vs. NY Rangers, 2/1/11 – 460,000 viewers
9. Buffalo vs. Boston, 12/7/10 – 438,000 viewers
10. Colorado vs. Detroit, 10/12/10 – 432,000 viewers


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