A Big Week, A Road Trip, and Free Stuff

Hello all, just a note to let you know that things will be a bit off on Puck the Media this week.

On Monday and Tuesday, things will be fairly normal. Be on the lookout in a couple hours for a contest that will ask you to pay attention the site for a week or so. Also, there should be NBC ratings at the usual time.

However, on Wednesday I am headed to the lovely city of Washington to tape a PBS special as part of the Planet Forward piece I featured on this very site a couple of weeks ago. Thank you for your support if you chose to vote for my group. It is greatly appreciated.

I will be staying along in the wonderful city of Baltimore, Maryland (though more correctly the suburbs) until Friday. It is unlikely you’ll see many editorials towards the end of the week, though actual news will be posted. On Friday, I will be in the press box for the Capitals-Hurricanes game, where I will try and string some material out from that onto this site.

Anyway, next week things will be back to normal, I hope you enjoy what’s in store for this one. On with the day.

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