Broadcast News: What Happens If Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver Make It In?

The Match-ups

Eastern Conference

#8 Carolina vs. #1 Philadelphia
#7 NY Rangers vs. #2 Boston
#6 Montreal vs. #3 Tampa Bay
#5 Washington vs. #4 Pittsburgh

Western Conference

#8 Los Angeles vs. #1 Vancouver
#7 Dallas vs. #2 Detroit
#6 Calgary vs. #3 San Jose
#5 Phoenix vs. #4 Chicago


Very Likely:
Washington-Pittsburgh and NY Rangers-Boston
Possibly: Dallas-Detroit, Phoenix-Chicago
Alternates: Carolina-Philadelphia
Not Likely: Montreal-Tampa Bay, Calgary-San Jose, Los Angeles-Vancouver

All Available Games:
Washington-Pittsburgh, NY Rangers-Boston, Los Angeles-Vancouver, Calgary-San Jose
Most of the Series: Dallas-Detroit, Carolina-Philadelphia
West Coast Only: Phoenix-Chicago
A Few Games: Montreal-Tampa Bay

Canadian Networks Draft

#1 (CBC): Los Angeles-Vancouver
#2 (CBC): Montreal-Tampa Bay
#3 (TSN): Calgary-San Jose
#4 (CBC): Washington-Pittsburgh
#5 (TSN): Dallas-Detroit
#6 (CBC): Phoenix-Chicago
#7-8 (TSN): NY Rangers-Boston, Carolina-Philadelphia


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4 Responses to Broadcast News: What Happens If Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver Make It In?

  1. Arthur says:

    Why do you bother with this? Is it that slow of a news day?
    So much will happen before the season ends. Worry about this stuff on April 11.

    • stevelepore says:

      Broadcast News is made specifically because of slow news days.

      Just fun to speculate, you know? Nothing to be taken seriously … though that’s obvious with 90% of this place.

  2. leafsfan1967 says:

    What Happens If Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver Make It In? If that happens you can probably add Calgary to the list in which case both CBC and TSN will be rubbing their hands with glee.

    Chances are that the Leafs can only make 8th which means playing Philly, which means a five game series at the most. So despite Toronto being the major hockey market the CBC might just pass on that series and give it to TSN.

    • CBC would never pass on the Leafs. A Toronto playoff audience probably equals 2 million plus every game, maybe over 3 million for some. Toronto has beat Philadelphia recently.

      If Toronto makes it, CBC will take the Toronto and Vancouver series. TSN would probably take the Habs, which would leave the Flames for CBC (assuming they make it too).

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