Broadcast News: Let’s All Accept That the Devils Will Get Into One of These Before The Year is Out

The Match-ups

Eastern Conference

#8 Carolina vs. #1 Philadelphia
#7 NY Rangers vs. #2 Tampa Bay
#6 Montreal vs. #3 Boston
#5 Washington vs. #4 Pittsburgh

#8 vs. #1 Vancouver
#7 Calgary vs. #2 Detroit
#6 Nashville vs. #3 San Jose
#5 Minnesota vs. #4 Phoenix


Definite NBC Match-ups: Washington-Pittsburgh
Potential Match-ups: NY Rangers-Tampa Bay, Calgary-Detroit
Possible Alternates: Minnesota-Phoenix, Carolina-Philadelphia
Replacement Series: Nashville-San Jose, Montreal-Boston

All 7 Games:
Washington-Pittsburgh, Los Angeles-Vancouver, NY Rangers-Tampa Bay
Most of the Series: Calgary-Detroit, Carolina-Philadelphia, Montreal-Boston
West Coast Only: Minnesota-Phoenix, Nashville-San Jose

CBC Networks Draft

#1 (CBC): Montreal-Boston
#2 (CBC): Los Angeles-Vancouver
#3 (TSN): Calgary-Detroit
#4 (CBC): Washington-Pittsburgh
#5 (TSN): Minnesota-Phoenix
#6 (CBC): Nashville-San Jose
#7-8 (TSN): NY Rangers-Tampa Bay, Carolina-Philadelphia

4 Responses to Broadcast News: Let’s All Accept That the Devils Will Get Into One of These Before The Year is Out

  1. I think TSN would take Rangers-Lightning before Wild-Coyotes. I think that MIN-PHX and NSH-SJ could very well be split up between TSN and CBC depending on what games fit each network’s schedule best. Otherwise, I agree with these predictions.

  2. DyHrdMET says:

    you know I was saying to expect the Devils in this list before the season ends about a month ago. And NBC would avoid them like the plague no matter who they played.

  3. Josh says:

    Things would get very interesting if the Leafs somehow snuck in and Canada’s three largest markets all made the playoffs. Then, CBC would have to give one of them up. Which one?

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