VERSUS To Air Special Deadline Edition of Hockey Central

It may not be the live extravaganza TSN promises every year, but with the way trades have been happening earlier and earlier this year, VERSUS may have the right move at this year’s trade deadline.

The network will air a one-hour edition of Hockey Central on Deadline Day Monday, February 28th at 7:00 PM ET. Not only will it serve as a lead-in to VERSUS’ broadcast of Chicago/Minnesota, it will presumably recap what the NHL’s 30 teams managed to accomplish before the NHL’s afternoon trade deadline.

This is the first time VERSUS has directed programming towards the trade deadline. TSN typically airs hours upon hours of coverage in Canada, that runs the entire day of the deadline. NHL Network. I don’t have the details of NHL Network’s plans for next Monday, but I anticipate they’ll send out a press release that features at least some simulcasting of the TSN event.

One Response to VERSUS To Air Special Deadline Edition of Hockey Central

  1. Kevin S says:

    Just an FYI: NHL Network is planning on airing the TSN coverage starting at 8 am on Monday. They have already been promoting it heavily. If you catch any “On the Fly” this week you will see that they want everyone to watch. Keep up the good work. Also, I bet the NHL is pissed that at this point it looks like the Pens and Caps are going to meet in the first round. The NHL is going to cringe once the playoffs finally roll around.

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