CBC Draws 2 Million For Heritage Classic

Now we have the Canadian numbers. Bruce Dowbiggin Reports:

The TV cameras caught the sign at the Heritage Classic. “Hockey Is Canada’s Game”. Anyone who knows the state of play in the hockey world knows the sign is redundant. Canada rules. But for some insecure fans it needs repeating. So on this frozen Sunday, CBC made sure we knew Canada was still King of Hockey.


There was also some tetchy Canadian chauvinism in the media reaction to the wildly popular outdoor game between Montreal and Calgary. While fans ate up the spectacle, domestic press harrumphed over poor ice quality, the Flames’ retro jerseys, the life expectancy of the promotion, lack of other venues in Canada and U.S. TV imperatives. TV ratings gave them a big “Shut Up, Lucy” with 2.087 million in English. (RDS number pas disponible at time of writing.)

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