Jeremy Roenick Joins NHL Overtime

The NHL’s Heritage Classic on Sunday won’t be the only time you’ll see personable former NHL star Jeremy Roenick on the VERSUS airwaves.

The entertaining, popular, TV-friendly Roenick – who has been plying his new trade with NBC, TSN and NHL Network since he retired – will appear on VERSUS’ nightly program NHL Overtime every night this week along with Billy Jaffe and hosts Bill Pidto and Liam McHugh. This will be the first time Roenick has appeared in the network’s Stamford, CT studios. The show will air at 11:00 PM ET Monday, Wednesday and Thursday this week, and 11:30 PM ET on Tuesday night.

No word on whether or not this is a permanent move, but it’ll be good to see if Roenick can hack it at the nightly hockey show, and maybe make a few headlines. Can’t question NHL Overtime’s ability to get the bigger names in US hockey broadcasting, as Mike Milbury, Eddie Olczyk and many others have been a part of the rotating cast of the studio show. If anything, it keeps JR in the VERSUS/NBC stable until the Peacock net can use him during the post-season.


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One Response to Jeremy Roenick Joins NHL Overtime

  1. Stephen says:

    That’s great. I really like Jeremy Roenick. Hopefully he’ll do a great job and I’m looking forward to see him on TV tonight.

    By the way, who’s calling the Capitals-Penguins game tonight on VERSUS?

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