What 12:30 Game You’ll See on Hockey Day in NHL Markets

Some of these are obvious, while others had to be searched up on Zap2It.com. We should get a full list of the entire country by Friday from NBC, but for now, if you live in or around an NHL city, here’s what’s likely. These are for the three 12:30 PM ET regional games (Philadelphia vs. NY Rangers, Detroit vs. Minnesota, Washington vs. Buffalo) to be broadcast on NBC on Hockey Day in America.  Overall, 14 of the 24 U.S. markets (if you separate Long Island and New Jersey from New York and Anaheim from Los Angeles) will receive the Flyers/Rangers game, while eight will see Red Wings/Wild and only Buffalo and Washington will see the Sabres/Capitals tilt. All is subject to change of course. Enjoy for now.

UPDATE: Until around 5PM ET, if you leave your zip code in the comments or tweet it to me (@stevelepore) I’ll search it in and see what game your getting. So feel free, even if you don’t live in an NHL city.

Anaheim/Los Angeles – Philadelphia vs. NY Rangers
Atlanta – Philadelphia vs. NY Rangers
Boston – Philadelphia vs. NY Rangers
Buffalo – Washington vs. Buffalo
Carolina – Philadelphia vs. NY Rangers
Chicago – Detroit vs. Minnesota
Colorado – Detroit vs. Minnesota
Columbus – Philadelphia vs. NY Rangers
Dallas – Detroit vs. Minnesota
Detroit – Detroit vs. Minnesota
Florida – Philadelphia vs. NY Rangers
Minnesota – Detroit vs. Minnesota
Nashville – Detroit vs. Minnesota
New York/New Jersey – Philadelphia vs. NY Rangers
Philadelphia – Philadelphia vs. NY Rangers
Phoenix – Detroit vs. Minnesota
Pittsburgh – Philadelphia vs. NY Rangers
San Jose – Philadelphia vs. NY Rangers
St. Louis – Detroit vs. Minnesota
Tampa Bay – Philadelphia vs. NY Rangers
Washington – Washington vs. Buffalo


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4 Responses to What 12:30 Game You’ll See on Hockey Day in NHL Markets

  1. Mark Pargas says:

    Will Center Ice carry the games not shown in a particular market? NYC, for example, gets the Flyers and Rangers on WNBC. But will viewers here get the option of seeing the Caps/Sabres or Red Wings/Wild on Center Ice. A few years back, when NBC was doing more regional game coverage, games not shown on the network in a particular market were available on Center Ice.

    • Josh says:

      I can’t say for sure, but I can tell you that when CBC has split regional telecasts, you don’t get the other games on Centre Ice. The difference in Canada though might be that satellite and cable companies up here do provide out of market CBC affiliates so, in those cases, you can usually just flip over to the local CBC station in the city of the team whose game you want to watch.

      (Not always though! I’ve been blacked out of plenty of Ottawa and Montreal regional telecasts this season even though I get a bunch of CBC affiliates and I get Centre Ice. The problem is that I don’t get the *Ottawa and Montreal* affiliates specifically.)

  2. frank says:

    according to the directtv guide, there are no games on sunday scheduled for centre ice.

    According to the bell guide (canada), all 3 early games will be seen in canada on centre ice, plus the buffalo/washington game will be on the nhl network, and the flyers/rangers game will be on the nbc east and west feeds (boston and seattle)

  3. frank says:

    btw-indianpolis is getting rangers/flyers

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