Your Announcers and Open Thread For Sabres-Habs

Buffalo vs. Montreal, 7:30 PM ET, VERSUS (HD)
Play by Play:
Gord Miller
Inside the Glass: Pierre McGuire

11 Responses to Your Announcers and Open Thread For Sabres-Habs

  1. Stephen says:

    No color commentary guys in this game? So tonight’s game will be NHL on VERSUS- TSN verison

  2. E says:

    I hate hate hate the ‘inside the glass’ style that they are using. It’s bad enough when it is the 3rd commentator, but when the lead analyst is doing this it’s an embarrassing telecast.

  3. Arthur says:

    Embarrassing telecast? Why is that? What is so bad about it?

  4. stevelepore says:

    I much prefer the 1-up, 1-down, to the overload. NBC is going with this for all 3 regional games on Sunday. Surprised they didn’t split Olczyk and McGuire and go for 4.

  5. To me 1 up, 1 down is the best method for hockey broadcasting. The guys who do it often, like Pierre McGuire and Glenn Healy are able to pick up things those in the booth can’t. Maybe it is just because I’m so used to TSN doing it, but I think 1up, 1 down is far superior to 2 in the booth.

    1 up, 1 down is also better than the 3 man crew, like NBC and CBC use. When McGuire just works with Cuthbert or Doc, he is so much better than when he works in a 3 man booth. Same goes for Healy.

  6. leafsfan1967 says:

    I caught part of this after the Leafs game was over. It was a great broadcast. I hope this is a sign that Versus will be using TSN talent more.

    • Derek says:

      I agree. To me, it seems that TSN & Canadian crews know & live hockey. For US crews, I feel that they just cover hockey. Great job Gord I hope to see more of you on Versus/NBC.

      • Arthur says:

        Derek, you are so off base on that assumption of yours. Trust me, the US production crews, especially on Versus, are loaded with ex-college players and people who “know & live hockey.”

  7. Ryan says:

    Is it possible that we’re looking too much into this? Maybe the game was slated for Beninati and/or other laid-off folks, and Gord and Pierre got the gig because they weren’t otherwise occupied, were willing to take it on short notice, and weren’t halfway across the country from Montreal?

  8. Derek says:

    Sorry, I should clarify. I didn’t mean that there are not experienced hockey personnel at Versus. No argument there..
    It’s just when I watch I don’t feel that way. It might be that I just really enjoy the Canadian feeds on NHL Network & Center Ice. When I view those games I feel like I’m there(especially HNIC). When I watch NBC/Versus, I feel that it’s just a privilige that there even showing it on tv.
    Understand, I’m American & I love the NHL. I just want the US TV broadcast to hopefully be on a similar level as the Canadian. It’s the best that it’s ever been, however there is room for improvement.

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