NBC Reveals Regional Announcers for Hockey Day in America

Here are the broadcast teams for Hockey Day in America. Not sure yet if there will be a third man on each team, but here’s what we have so far.

12:35 PM ET, Washington vs. Buffalo – Jim Jackson and Ray Ferraro
12:40 PM ET, Philadelphia vs. NY Rangers –
Ken Daniels and Joe Micheletti
12:45 PM ET, Detroit vs. Minnesota – Pat Foley and Darren Pang
3:30 PM ET, Pittsburgh vs. Chicago – Mike Emrick, Ed Olczyk and Pierre McGuire
6:00 PM ET, Montreal vs. Calgary (VERSUS) – Dave Strader, Andy Brickley and Brian Engblom

5 Responses to NBC Reveals Regional Announcers for Hockey Day in America

  1. nosferatu says:

    Interesting. I guess what will be telling is if these guys end up getting any more gigs (especially on Versus) based on these performances. I also like that they got Ray Ferraro; his inside-the-glass work on TSN is quite solid.

  2. DyHrdMET says:

    i love it – the big boys are calling the Chicago game, so the Chicago announcer is calling the Detroit game, the Detroit announcer is calling the Flyers game, and the Flyers announcer is calling the Washington game (and I won’t go into what the Washington announcer isn’t calling here).

  3. 5w30 says:

    Will NHL Center Ice carry the regional games e.g. NYC residents see the Rangers on WNBC … but can they see the other 1230p regionals on Center Ice in the US?

    • DyHrdMET says:

      they should. I remember the NBC regional games on Center Ice in the past. And this week into the weekend is the NHL Center Ice free preview (good timing). It’ll be good so I won’t have to be forced to watch the Rangers.

  4. leafsfan1967 says:

    Nice to see Ken Daniels getting some national exposure. He’s a first rate talent.

    Too bad that Versus won’t be taking the CBC feed of the Heritage game but I do understand the thinking…

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