Most of the Country to See Rangers/Flyers Early Sunday

NBC Sports revealed to Puck the Media yesterday (much of which you’ll hear about on Friday, stay tuned) that the Hockey Day in America early split will be heavy on an Atlantic Division rivalry and a battle between Hockeytown and The State of Hockey.

In the 12:30 PM ET window, the 12:40 PM ET start between the Rangers and Flyers will be seen in 54% of the country, likely taking a large chunk of the east coast and the south, along with those two massive markets. Meanwhile, the 12:45 PM ET Minnesota/Detroit tilt will be seen in 40% of the country, likely carrying much of the west coast of the United States, along with the two teams home, midwestern markets. The other 6% of the country will see the 12:35 PM ET battle between the Sabres and Capitals, likely drawing much of the northeast along with the Washington/Baltimore/Virginia area.

We’ll hope to have regional maps guiding you to which game you’ll see in your market closer to the weekend. There’ll also be more Hockey Day in America coverage as both this day and week roll on.


One Response to Most of the Country to See Rangers/Flyers Early Sunday

  1. nosferatu says:

    I think you mean the “Mississippi River coast,” not the “west coast.” Such a thing does not exist in the minds of NBC.

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