Liam McHugh to Debut as NBC Studio Host Today

It appears that the NHL on NBC is finally experimenting with bringing in a host for it’s intermission show for the first time in four years.

Former Daily Line host and current NHL Overtime and Hockey Central host Liam McHugh will make his NBC debut today as the host of the network’s intermission reports along with analysts Mike Milbury and Pierre McGuire. They will have quite a bit to discuss today, including a first intermission segment dedicated to the Friday night Islanders-Penguins brawl and whether or not the league has gone too far.

McHugh will be the first regular season studio host (at least in the conventional sense) since Bill Clement hosted from a studio at 30 Rock from 2006-2007 with Ray Ferraro and Brett Hull. Since then, occasional hosts have filled in during the post-season, including Dan Patrick, Bob Neumeier, and Bill Patrick.

5 Responses to Liam McHugh to Debut as NBC Studio Host Today

  1. leafsfan1967 says:

    I’m afraid that Liam McHugh just isn’t very interesting to listen to.

  2. james B. Ryan says:

    Liam, you’re doing a fine job. You look nervous thtough, but who wouldn’t be? A debut’s a debut.

    I miss the show so much (Daily Line) as well as Jenn & Reese. Take care bro, keep it up.

    Yellowknife, NWT

  3. E says:

    Would be better if they the host in the New York studio.

  4. Dave Sullivan says:

    I’m curious. Did Bill Clement beat Jeff Immelt in the sack race at the NBC company barbeque or something? He got canned by NBC and Versus, and we’ve hardly heard peep from him since then.

  5. Larry says:

    Whatever the feedback having him or someone make it better than the other 2 ranting

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