NHL Overtime Showing Positive Results on Non-Game Nights

An interesting number came across the way for VERSUS’ nightly hockey series, NHL Overtime last week. All the info came from our friend Son of The Bronx. On Wednesday night, the show’s lead-in was the Penguins-Islanders game, which drew 181,000 viewers while not airing in the New York or Pittsburgh markets. The episode of Hockey Central that aired after it scored 129,000 viewers. The apparently still existing T. Ocho Show at 10:00 PM ET drew 59,000 viewers, with the episode of NHL Overtime airing in it’s normal timeslot getting 48,000 viewers.

The story was different on Thursday night, when VERSUS had a rerun of a very popular UFC bout that scored 254,000 viewers. NHL Overtime aired straight after and scored 108,000 viewers. I believe this may be a new series high for first run episodes, as reruns of the show that aired prior to the All-Star Game and the Skills Competition both scored higher, but I have yet to see a first-run episode of the show that has drawn that well.

So what is to be taken from this? Well, NHL Overtime is still very lead-in dependent. However, when VERSUS has more appealing programming airing in the timeslot before it, more folks checking that out are likely to tune in to Overtime.


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13 Responses to NHL Overtime Showing Positive Results on Non-Game Nights

  1. Chris S says:

    Off topic, sort of. It looks like Versus will simulcast the Heritage Classic on February 20th from CBC, look at this artist’s rendering of what the setup will look like.


    You can see a bunch of CBC and RDS production trucks, but no Versus truck.

  2. Colton says:

    I bet the artist rendering was made a long time ago when the Versus decision to simulcast it was in affect.

    I would be shocked if they didn’t send a crew up there to broadcast it live. Not only would it give the American viewers their own perspective on the game, but it would also allow CBC to do what they want with the game. Have as many Canadian aspects to the game as they want.

    TSN/CBC tend to tone things down when they know that they are being simulcast in the US or around the world.

  3. stevelepore says:

    We’ll see. It’s been a long, kind of unkept secret that VERSUS was simulcasting this. Maybe the new regime will want to cover it?

  4. Mike in Idaho says:

    I don’t think it’s a secret, I have seen promos for it during various games on RSNs over the last week.

  5. Arthur says:

    Once again, the uninformed post their drivel. You people are relying on an artist’s rendering for your ideas and suppositions?
    Versus will have a presence at the Heritage Classic. It won’t be a “simulcast.” They won’t have as many cameras as the host CBC but they will originate their own production. C’mon Lepore it shouldn’t be that hard for you to find this type of info out. Pick up a phone and do some actual leg work once in a while.

    • Chris S says:

      Uninformed? You people? I just thought it was worth passing along, not saying it’s a fact or anything, you troll. F off, ok?

  6. stevelepore says:

    When I contacted VERSUS they told me they will have a studio show, but none of their own announcers.

  7. stevelepore says:

    Nor whether or not the studio show would be on site in Calgary.

  8. leafsfan1967 says:

    I for one hope that Versus takes the CBC feed of the game. Although now that the dreadful Joe Benihaha is gone it would be ok having Doc call the play. Seriously, it will good for a US audience to hear Jim Hughson doing play by play. There are few better at it in the present day NHL.

    • nosferatu says:

      I agree. As an American, I want the Canadian focus on this game. It’s not like NBC decided to play things toward a Canadian audience for the Winter Classic (though I guess CBC did broadcast that themselves).

  9. Arthur says:

    NBC is running the Versus ship now
    Anything you see on Versus is right out of the NBC playbook. That started Monday. So teh only Canadian thing you will see on NBC/Versus air is Pierre Maguire.
    Speaking for all American hockey fans, please take him back up north with you. We’ll live without him just fine.

  10. leafsfan1967 says:

    It was interesting to see the TSN feed of the Montreal Boston roller derby game last night. Just to bad Cris Cuthburt wasn’t calling the game. And, by the way Arthur, I agree on Macguire, he is annoying….

  11. Colton says:

    Why would Americans want to hear about stories of little ol’ western towns like Medicine Hat, Red Deer, Lethbridge etc. playing outdoor hockey? I’d rather have Versus cover the game and then do reports on cities in the US playing hockey outdoors and do more of an infomercial for hockey.

    Let CBC do what they want with the game. Honestly, it’s their game. There’s a Canadian outdoor game because of CBC and their desire to do something special for their viewers.

    Versus needs to produce their own stuff and I’m sure that they will now that NBC is controlling things. It brings alot more professionalism to their channel. It’s also the only game on that night, on a sunday night without competition. Why not go all out?

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