NY Teams Down in the Ratings

Rare that I have an opportunity to promote myself, but here’s a piece Chris Botta was nice enough to allow me to write for his internet haven, Islanders Point Blank:

As the Islanders hit the bottom of the NHL’s local TV ratings race, they have to be concerned that a season with a circus atmosphere at times has been largely ignored by viewers on television – even more than in the past.


Islanders telecasts are averaging a discouraging 0.3 household rating in the New York market on MSG Network and its affiliates, down 23% from the 2009-10 campaign, and 17% from the end of last season. They are averaging approximately 24,000 households per game. The Islanders rank 28th among NHL teams in local ratings, ahead of only Atlanta (0.26) and Florida (0.19). Due to the size of the New York market, however, they are far from the bottom five in households tuning in, which featured five NHL teams at 10,000 households or lower.


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8 Responses to NY Teams Down in the Ratings

  1. 7th Woman says:

    While this is interesting, I’d also like to know what the numbers for NHL Game Center Live are. Is it that the TV viewing audience is being eroded because more choices are available for viewing? You can actually watch a primetime show on network TV and webstream the game on your computer. How about TIVO? Are those numbers included?

    Also, I have said it before, if part of the media’s job is to help promote the game, then perpetuating the thought of low interest, low attendance and low viewership in any market, only erodes it more and is counter productive.

    • Mike says:

      There wouldn’t be any viewers watching on Game Center Live locally since all home market broadcasts are blacked out online.

    • Mike in Idaho says:

      I don’t think it’s the media’s job to promote or erode the game, just to report on it.

      • 7th Woman says:

        Well, according to Adam Proteau of The Hockey News — yes it is. I even did an article on it because he said it during one of his radio shows. The print media is not just there to report the games. They garner advertising dollars to support their salary and maintain their jobs. They should have a hand in promotion of the product.

        Ask him.

  2. 7th Woman says:

    Yes, I understand that local broadcast markets are blacked out. However out of market hockey fans (and there are many) have the ability to do so. Doesn’t their viewership count? And is there an answer on the TIVO question. Are those who watch broadcasts when it is more convenient for them counted among viewers?


    • stevelepore says:

      No, it doesn’t, and shouldn’t count.

      I think DVR numbers for sporting events are pretty insignificant in most cases, but I don’t know if Nielsen counted this.

    • Josh says:

      However out of market hockey fans (and there are many) have the ability to do so. Doesn’t their viewership count?

      Their numbers shouldn’t really count because most advertising on local hockey broadcasts is local. So if I’m watching an Avalanche-Kings game up here in Canada and I see advertising for the Denver Lexus dealership, the fact that I’m watching the game is irrelevant to the advertisers.

  3. stevelepore says:

    Its not perpetuating thought. Its telling you what the actual numbers are.

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