Capitals Continue Their Ratings Gains Over The Wizards in DC

From Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post:

Sports Business Journal is out with its annual look at the mid-season NBA and NHL ratings for U.S. regional sports networks, and the news is quite different for Washington’s two main winter sports teams.


The Wizards ranked fifth from the bottom of the NBA’s U.S. franchises, with a 1.28 average rating on Comcast SportsNet, the publication reported. From a ratings standpoint, that’s only ahead of Atlanta, Charlotte, the Clippers and the Nets, although Washington does better in the total audience size category due to the size of the D.C. market.


The Caps, meantime, had the 8th-best local TV ratings (1.62) and the 9th-biggest total audience of U.S. NHL teams, with an average of 39,000 households in the D.C. market. That’s up 29 percent over a year ago, which makes Washington the third-fastest growing U.S. market, behind only St. Louis and Boston.

One Response to Capitals Continue Their Ratings Gains Over The Wizards in DC

  1. JonS says:

    The numbers would probably be greater if you included the Baltimore market which I know has a very large amount of caps fans.

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