The Return of Broadcast News, Frequent Educated Guesses About What Networks Would Take For Potential Playoff Matchups

NOTE: This is a feature I kind of overused last season, but I think it’s high time it got brought back. Every week or so, I post the potential playoff match-ups, what series the American networks would take, and a “mock draft” of the Canadian network. Remember, it is just for fun, and feel free to post your own guesses in the comments.

Playoff match-ups as of this morning.

Eastern Conference

#8 Atlanta vs. #1 Philadelphia
#7 Montreal vs. #2 Tampa Bay
#6 NY Rangers vs. #3 Boston
#5 Washington vs. #4 Pittsburgh

Western Conference

#8 San Jose vs. #1 Vancouver
#7 Chicago vs. #2 Detroit
#6 Phoenix vs. #3 Dallas
#5 Anaheim vs. #4 Nashville

US Networks

NBC: Not a difficult decision. Pittsburgh-Washington and Chicago-Detroit make for solid, likely ratings gainers for the Peacock if things ended this way today. Rangers-Boston and Atlanta-Philadelphia could get consideration as back-ups should those end early.

VERSUS: All potential games of any Pittsburgh-Washington series would be on national television. Chicago-Detroit would likely get some coverage on the games in Detroit, and the Rangers-Boston and Atlanta-Philadelphia series would certainly get some play. San Jose-Vancouver would likely be totally covered as the lone series taking place entirely in the pacific time zones. Nashville-Anaheim and Dallas-Phoenix would both potentially get a shot when those series are in California and Arizona.

Canadian Networks Mock Draft

#1 (CBC): Montreal-Tampa Bay
#2 (CBC):
San Jose-Vancouver 
#3 (TSN):
#4 (CBC):
NY Rangers-Boston 
#5 (TSN):
#6 (CBC):
#7-8 (TSN):
Atlanta-Philadelphia and Anaheim-Nashville

This is going to likely be kind of a rough year for the Canadian networks, especially TSN. Only three of the teams up north are even in the hunt in this point, and let’s be honest, Montreal is injury-riddled and no one sees Calgary as a legitimate threat in the West for now. Obviously CBC would snatch up the two popular Canadian markets that are currently in, while TSN would get the consolation prize of Crosby vs. Ovechkin. 4-8 are fairly interchangeable, but CBC will likely take the best Western and Eastern series remaining as a companion to the two obvious picks.

6 Responses to The Return of Broadcast News, Frequent Educated Guesses About What Networks Would Take For Potential Playoff Matchups

  1. Josh says:

    It could be a rough year for the Canadian networks, no doubt, but all is forgiven (at least on CBC’s part) if Vancouver finally manages to go deep.

  2. Kevin S says:

    I would think that the CBC would take Chicago/Detroit over NY/Boston just because Detroit is so close to Canada. I think Chicago/Detroit would score big in Windsor.

    Also, the only way that Philly/Atlanta or Anaheim/Nashville would get on NBC is if the Pittsburgh/Washington, Chicago/Detroit, and NY/Boston match-ups all ended in sweeps. If the playoffs start like this the American non-fan might not know that there are 8 series going on. I think Versus might neglect the other 5 series in order to savor the 3 big ones. I am so thankful I have NHL Center Ice. I’m not going to miss a game of the playoffs, even though my Devils aren’t going to be in it.

  3. nosferatu says:

    You’re going to have a fun time keeping up with the changes in the West this spring.

    Anyway, as stated above, having Center Ice is pretty critical to following the first couple rounds of the playoffs, sadly. That’s my biggest hope out of the next TV deal–that they can figure something out to get all playoff games on TV, even if some of them are on the NHL Network. (This is where having an additional TV partner could be huge, though.)

  4. Chris S says:

    Don’t count the Flames out, even though they looked to be dead in the water 2 weeks ago, they could squeak in. You all saw what the Habs did last year, I know Halak had a major part in it, but Price is just as solid, the Habs could do some damage.

  5. Chris S says:

    By the way, I enjoyed this feature last year, keep up the good work Steve, no one cares what Arthur thinks.

  6. Greg says:

    Imagine if 3 Canadian teams got in including Calgary and there was a Pitt/Wash series. TSN would pretty much have to take whichever Canadian team was left in round 3 (probably Calgary) and CBC would end up getting Pitt/Wsh… WOW

    Please do this weekly..its interesting

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