NHL Network to Go In-Depth For All-Star Weekend


All the networks are preparing for the All-Star Game, and the NHL Network is no different. Here’s a schedule of their All-Star related programming throughout the week.

Monday, January 24
2004 NHL All-Star Game
6:00 2007 NHL All-Star Game

Tuesday, January 25
2008 NHL All-Star Game

Wednesday, January 26
1989 NHL All-Star Game

Thursday, January 27
2011 ECHL All-Star Game
8:00 NHL Network 2011 All-Star Mock Draft
10:00 2009 NHL All-Star Game

Friday, January 28
NHL Network at the 2011 NHL All-Star Player Fantasy Draft
9:30 NHL All-Star Player Fantasy Draft Recap

Saturday, January 29
2011 NHL All-Star Red Carpet Show
6:00 NHL Commissioner’s Press Conference
9:00 2011 Honda NHL Superskills Recap

Sunday, January 30
2011 NHL All-Star Pre-game
7:00 2011 NHL All-Star Post-game

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