TSN2 Jumps Into the Nightly Hockey Show Pool with That’s Hockey 2Nite

With the NHL’s cable partner in America finally launching their own late-night hockey show, it seems fitting that the league’s cable network up north will also be jumping into the fray beginning in February, but with a bit of a twist.

TSN will launch That’s Hockey 2Nite, a nightly companion series to it’s regular NHL coverage and the pre-game show That’s Hockey, starting February 1st at 11:00 PM ET on TSN2, the network’s supplemental network which seems to be positioning itself as an American version of ESPN2, instead of just a place for alternate feeds that TSN didn’t have room for.

Steve Kouleas, a former host for 13 years at The Score, joins TSN to become the regular host of the show. He’ll be joined on the panel by TSN/ESPN analyst Matthew Barnaby, as well as former NHL referee Kerry Fraser, who will be making his television debut. He will join the show starting on Tuesday, February 2nd.

This launch will cement all the NHL’s cable partners with a nightly hockey wrap-up show. In addition to That’s Hockey 2Nite, VERSUS currently airs NHL Overtime Monday-Thursday at 11:00 PM ET, while the NHL Network has it’s On the Fly: Final airing after hours of studio highlights every night at 1:00 AM ET.

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