VERSUS NHL Viewership Totals For December

NOTE: The VERSUS broadcasts on December 8, 9 and 15 did not air in the home markets of the teams playing due to blackout rules. All numbers courtesy of Son of the Bronx.

December 6 – San Jose vs. Detroit: 280,000 viewers

December 7 – Buffalo vs. Boston: 438,000 viewers

December 8 – San Jose vs. Philadelphia: 169,000 viewers

December 9 – Florida vs. Washington: 154,000 viewers

December 13 – Los Angeles vs. Detroit: 264,000 viewers

December 14 – Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia: 750,000 viewers

December 15 – NY Rangers vs. Pittsburgh: 157,000 viewers

December 20 – Anaheim vs. Boston: 234,000 viewers

December 21 – New Jersey vs. Washington: 307,000 viewers

December 27 – Minnesota vs. Columbus: 143,000 viewers

December 28 – Boston vs. Tampa Bay: 202,000 viewers

December 31 – Phoenix vs. St. Louis: 113,000 viewers


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3 Responses to VERSUS NHL Viewership Totals For December

  1. katiebakes says:

    Some of these numbers are pretty promising. But why on earth is Rangers-Pens so low?!

    • stevelepore says:

      Didn’t air in New York or Pittsburgh on the network. VERSUS has a few “bonus games” a month that they air for the rest of the country, but MSG and FSN keep the rights in NY and PIT.

  2. Larry says:

    Now we know why the NHL isn’t sharing ratings….these are horrible…..they better sign partnerships for next years tv coverage before this hurts negotiations

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