Could HBO Bring 24/7 to the Stanley Cup Final?

From Chris Johnston of The Canadian Press via The Globe and Mail:

While the league will take some time before deciding what to do for an encore, at least one top executive is willing to dream big — chief operating officer John Collins says he’s open to the idea of doing something similar during the post-season.


“That would be the ultimate, being able to take fans inside the Stanley Cup playoffs,” Collins said Friday in an interview. “We’ll look at it. It’s certainly not something we’ll be able to pull together for this year.


“As long as these things go well, there’s no end to it.”




A Quick Correction

On our post for the Winter Classic ratings in NHL markets, we posted the ratings for the game in Charlotte, NC, thinking it was the home market for the Hurricanes. As I’ve been told over the past couple days, Raleigh-Durham, NC is it’s own separate market. The game drew a 1.1/2 in Raleigh-Durham, as opposed to a 1.4/2 in Charlotte. The game peaked with a 1.9/3 from 8:15-8:30.

We apologize for the error.