How Does a Primetime Winter Classic Sound? Official, That’s How

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly just announced that the Winter Classic has been moved to 8PM ET. All television arrangements in the US remain the same, CBC will make announcement shortly. I’m doing some research, but this may be a first for a regular season game on network television.

We’ll have one more editorial on this before the day is done, plus Coyotes-Blues announcers.


11 Responses to How Does a Primetime Winter Classic Sound? Official, That’s How

  1. Josh says:

    *All* television arrangements remain the same? What about what the commenter a couple of posts down mentioned: That CBC now has a conflict between two NHL games…?

  2. stevelepore says:

    Good point. I’ll amend until CBC makes an announcement.

  3. Jeremy says:

    I could be wrong, but an 8 o’clock start for the Winter Classic really means around 8:20 or so in terms of the actual faceoff. (NBC games always start later than regular games.) So, my guess: look for the first period and most of the second of the Leafs-Sens to still be seen nationally beginning at 7, with the network splitting at that time with Ontario remaining with the Leafs-Sens while the rest of the country would see the Caps-Pens from the beginning.

  4. Jeremy says:

    There is also the question regarding the 10 o’clock late game conflict for CBC. It’s an interesting position for both games of the scheduled double-header: As both are all-Canadian matchups not involving Montreal, CBC is the ONLY television broadcaster.

    • Josh says:

      Right. And then would Alberta lose the WC feed at 10pm so that they could see the Battle of Alberta in its entirety? It’s a tough position for CBC to be in.

    • Josh says:

      And the other thing is that CBC really doesn’t have another channel to dump games onto. If it was TSN or Sportsnet, this wouldn’t be (as) much of a problem.

      • Jeremy says:

        There is always the possibility that CBC could “sell” one of the games to TSN or Sportsnet . . . I think this happened once in the playoffs (like 12 years ago) when there was a conflict with a federal or provincial election and a playoff game involving a Canadian team (Edmonton or Ottawa maybe?)

      • Josh says:

        Well, TSN is scheduled to show the college bowl games pretty much all day tomorrow, and Sportsnet One has an NBA in the evening, but TSN2 and the Sportsnet regional channels have no live events in the evening, so I guess there’s room for either network to shift stuff around if it came to that.

  5. Josh says:

    The main article on right now says that CBC will carry the Winter Classic except in Ontario, where it will air Sens-Leafs. Has nothing to say about the conflict between the WC and Oilers/Flames though.

  6. Stu Dolgon says:

    NBC started its coverage in 1972-73 and 1973-74 with primetime telecasts. Boston at Minnesota on December 29, 1972 and Boston at RANGERS on January 4, 1974. I was at the latter game in the third of my 40 years as a season subscriber.

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