Puck the Media Returns From Hiatus (Or Whatever) to Cover 24/7 and Do Other Fun Things

Did you miss me?


Well, fuck you.

If you did miss the ramblings that go in this spot, I thank for you patience while I endured an at times trying, but almost entirely rewarding and life-affirming three months. In that time, I did the following:

  • Experienced the rush of putting on a live news show
  • Interned at a news station
  • Worked at the New Meadowlands Stadium
  • Partied with heroes and pals in the city (for an hour)
  • Had a drink and lovely conversation with an NHL Communications Manager after a show by The Gaslight Anthem later that night.
  • Got the OK to send a sample chapter for a potential book (not Puck the Media-related, but if you’re a publisher and would like to discuss ideas …)
  • Got a new e-mail address for all tips and news, stevemlepore@gmail.com
  • Appreciated friends more
  • Grew a lot. Both emotionally and physically. I got fat (ter).
  • Learned a ton, met great people.

Anyway, that’s a lot. Now, however, I’m back until another life-changing opportunity comes up (c’mon book!) and I’m invigorated and thrilled to get back to work. I’m truly thrilled to be back just in time for the monumental HBO series 24/7 Penguins-Capitals: Road to the Winter Classic. I didn’t totally realize it until I walked into New Meadowlands Stadium this Sunday and on one of the massive TV screens was promotional material for it. I am very enthusiastic about what is likely the most important hockey show to ever air.

So here’s what I’ll be doing to chip in:

  • Recaps, the day after the show. For a reference point, check out my Hard Knocks recaps from the summer, but these will be a little less TWoP, little more AV Club.
  • Ratings, which is a feature you’ll continue to see more of with games in general here at Puck the Media. Will any of the 24/7 episodes top the most-watched NHL game of the season (730,000)? I think it’s certainly a possibility.
  • Interviews: I’m looking at lining up some people behind the scenes if possible, on any of the fronts (HBO, Pens, Caps, etc.) involved with this.

I’ll look into doing more, but for now, that’s what I’ve got.

I missed ya’ll. I hope you missed me. Glad to be back. Let’s roll.


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