Kevin Smith Casts Nicholas Braun as Lead in Hit Somebody

The hockey blogosphere has discussed Hit Somebody, Kevin Smith’s story about 1970’s enforcers, for quite some time. I’ve talked about how it’s being made at the perfect time for hockey tough-guy films, and mentioned that Seann William Scott will not be the lead in it, and will be in the Jay Baruchel-produced Goon instead. So, we’ve waited a little while to see who Smith will cast as the main character in Hit Somebody. Last night, on Smith and comic Ralph Garman’s solid podcast Hollywood Babble-On revealed the answer.

22-year old actor Nicholas Braun, who’s largely worked in Disney projects like Sky High and ABC Family’s remake of 10 Things I Hate About You, will played the lead in the Smith-penned screenplay, which is based on a Warren Zevon song that Mitch Albom wrote. Smith discovered Braun working on his current project, Red State. Former The Joe Schmo Show star and Hollywood Babble-On podcaster Ralph Garman, who does a mean Capote, will also appear in Hit Somebody.

Smith is an occasional Puck the Media reader, as he linked to our post about Mike Peluso many ages ago on his prolific Twitter page. I hope he’ll read this and perhaps give us an interview when Hit Somebody is ready for the likely ravenous consumption by the hockey fans of the universe. Probably not, but I guy can dream, right? Hit us up, Kevin.


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