NHL Overtime Ratings Have Gotten Progressively Better This Week

NHL Overtime has seen more viewers tune as each episode goes on the air in it’s debut this week.

Wednesday night’s show, which aired at 11:00 PM ET, scored 59,000 viewers, above previous timeslot occupant The Daily Line’s average of 53,000. This is more impressive considering the show aired an hour after an episode of Hockey Central (67,000 viewers) and 90 minutes after a Bruins/Rangers game that did not air in local markets (138,000 viewers) went off the air. The show grew from it’s direct lead-in, an episode of Whacked Out Sports (53,000 viewers).

The show’s episode on Tuesday scored 33,000 viewers in a 12:30 AM ET timeslot, airing two and a half hours after Hockey Central left the airwaves. The network’s game that night, Flyers/Canadiens, scored 279,000 viewers. So far, the show has averaged 41,000 viewers, but the growth is positive, and hopefully some big name guests will push the needle tonight, despite a lack of NHL action on VERSUS.

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