Could Alexander Ovechkin Be Guest-Starring on a FOX Sitcom?

From Dan Steinberg at the DC Sports Bog:

Why does a lead character on the Fox sitcom Raising Hope keep wearing Washington Capitals t-shirts?

Well, the show was created by Greg Garcia. Garcia — a long-ago staffer on WTEM’s Tony Kornheiser Show — was raised in Arlington. And Garcia’s middle son — 10-year old Nathan — is a Caps nut, whose real-life bedroom is covered with Alex Ovechkin paraphernalia, including an Ovechkin Fathead. That’s why.

“We like hockey and we’re Caps fans,” Garcia told me on Thursday. “That’s the benefit of having a TV show: you get to dress people in the uniforms you like.”

“The ultimate goal is to get Ovechkin to come play the wacky Russian neighbor for an episode, so my son can meet him,” he told me. “It’s all about getting stuff for my son. That’s really what it’s all about….He could be the worst actor in the world. It’s more important that my son could meet his hero.”

I currently do recaps of Raising Hope at my new tv/music blog, We’ll Fix it in Editing, so check that out in case Ovie actually shows up.


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