2010-11 VERSUS College Basketball Schedule

Nov. 16, 10:00 PM – Arizona State vs. New Mexico
Nov. 20, 7:00 PM – Wisconsin vs. UNLV
Jan. 8, 4:00 PM – San Diego State vs. Utah
Jan. 22, 4:00 PM – New Mexico vs. UNLV
Jan. 29, 4:00 PM – BYU vs. New Mexico
Feb. 5, 4:00 PM – UNLV vs. BYU
Mar. 5, 4:00 PM – UNLV vs. Utah
Mar. 12, 4:00 PM – Women’s Championship Game
Mar. 12, 7:00 PM – Men’s Championship Game

7 Responses to 2010-11 VERSUS College Basketball Schedule

  1. Leafsfan1967 says:

    What has Versus basketball schedule got to do with hockey media. I know Steve is busy, busy this year, but this blog seems to have lost its way…..

  2. stevelepore says:

    I always posted VERSUS other non-sports schedule.

  3. Leafsfan1967 says:

    I probably didn’t notice the non hockey stuff as much in the past when there was a LOT of hockey stuff here. I miss the lively articles and discussions here. 😦

    Steve can you find out who the CBC has doing their HNIC games tomorrow? They have four games on which I think is a first this season.

  4. stevelepore says:

    They do not respond to my requests anymore. I apologize.

  5. Ryan says:

    Eliotte Friedman and/or Scott Oake usually throw up the broadcast teams on Twitter Saturday afternoon. Hughson/Simpson/Healy in Toronto, Cole/Galley/Peacock in Montreal, Brown/Millen in Ottawa, Lee/Weeks/Oake in San Jose.

    Same way they did it last week, when they also had four games.

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