And So, After Nearly Six Years, VERSUS Begot a Hockey Show

From Mike McCarthy of USA Today:

Versus is rolling out a new late-night TV hockey show called NHL Overtime to replace the canceled sports show featuring Jenn Sterger, the woman at the center of the Brett Favre sexting scandal.

The one-hour show will premiere Nov. 15 and include game highlights, postgame player interviews, features and discussion. It will also delve into intercollegiate and international hockey.


NHL Overtime will take over the Monday-Thursday, 11 p.m. ET time slot previously occupied by TheDaily Line where Sterger served as co-host. The show flopped badly, averaging only 53,000 viewers per night and a minuscule 0.06 rating.


“It’s another way we are super-serving the hockey fan better than anyone else,” said Marc Fein, Versus executive vice president of programming. The “place for the hockey fan will really be Monday-Thursday at 11.” He declined to comment on air-talent for the show.


Charles Coplin, the NHL’s executive vice president of content, said the new show will be a “a win-win for hockey fans everyw


4 Responses to And So, After Nearly Six Years, VERSUS Begot a Hockey Show

  1. kevin says:

    Finally!! How about getting rid of the Ochostinko Show as well….absolutely unwatchable

  2. Wayne stuck in AL says:

    Why is the show only from Mon-Thurs.? Friday and Saturday are the busiest nights for the NHL, and because of the NBA and college football, the NHL gets shut out of SportsCenter.

  3. kevin says:

    TV viewing is at its lowest on Fri/Sat nites….not worth the effort I guess.

  4. Chris says:

    I love how they finally decide to come up with a hockey show and they have to schedule it on the exact same time and days of Conan just a week after his new show premiered.

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