Puck Daddy Hits the Radio

TORONTO, October 12th, 2010 – Score Media Inc. (TSX: SCR) today announces that Greg Wyshynski, a.k.a “Puck Daddy”, has officially joined its line-up of broadcast talent. Greg Wyshynski, the editor of Puck Daddy, Yahoo! Sports’ infamous and humorous hockey blog, today becomes a member of theScore with a live show on theScore Satellite Radio on SIRIUS Satellite Radio channel 98. Puck Daddy Radio will be hosted by Greg Wyshynski along with theScore’s Rob Pizzo, and will air Monday to Friday from 1-2 p.m. ET. Each episode will be rebroadcast at 5 p.m. ET daily and will be streamed on both theScore.com and on Yahoo.com’s Puck Daddy blog. Since 2008, Puck Daddy has blended in-depth analysis of the NHL with a humorous look at hockey culture. It is considered the leading hockey blog in North America for its innovation and influence. Award-winning editor, Greg Wyshynski, has written for many leading publications including Deadspin, AOL FanHouse, the Hockey News, The Fourth Period Magazine and SportsFan Magazine. He also spent 9 years as an editor for The Connection Newspapers of Northern Virginia, a chain of 16 weekly publications. Wyshynski frequently appears as a guest on radio stations around North America and through his many years as a hockey authority, he has developed an enormous following of devoted fans. His weekly play-off show and various other appearances on theScore during the 2009-2010 NHL season got rave reviews and left fans wanting more. “After the success of last season’s Puck Daddy play-off show, we discovered that fans wanted more and that a weekly show was simply not enough so we made the decision to create a dedicated, daily show that will give both Puck Daddy and his fans an even louder voice in the hockey world,” says Mike Gentile, Program Director, theScore Satellite Radio. With Wyshynski’s wit and in-depth hockey knowledge, Puck Daddy Radio on SIRIUS channel 98 will be the go-to destination for hockey fans across North America. “My goal is to take the insight and entertainment from Puck Daddy and bring it to theScore Satellite Radio. It’ll be exciting, informative and unpredictable,” says Greg Wyshynski, Host, Puck Daddy Radio. “I think theScore is a perfect partner in bringing the nonsense we do on the blog to an unsuspecting public and I look forward to interacting with the Puck Daddy audience on a more personal level as scary as that could get.”


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