Could Battle of the Blades Make it To American TV Soon?

From Puck Daddy:

The stakes are also raised for “Battle of the Blades” as a pop culture phenomenon. Last year’s audiences were larger than expected, and demographically shocking: Forty-three percent of the audience was male, compared to typical figure of 16 percent for televised figure skating. In male viewership, “Battle of the Blades” defeated Sunday Night Football on TSN on a weekly basis.

What about conquering the U.S.?

Season 1 of “Battle of the Blades” was unable to be sold, despite interest from NBC, because the producers didn’t clear the music rights outside of Canada. Season 2’s music will be cleared for North America, so “Battle of the Blades” could be on American television; Albrecht said he would be “very, very surprised” if it wasn’t.