NHL To Get It’s Vanity Fair Spot Soon

From Dan Rosen’s great chronicling of the NHL player media tour, which sounds like the most fun thing ever:

Crosby and Ovechkin did a photo shoot for Vanity Fair on Tuesday. Sabres goalie Ryan Miller, an amateur photographer in his spare time, is taking Stamkos, Lundqvist, Doughty, Bergeron and Mike Cammalleri out Wednesday for his own photo shoot for Vanity Fair.


And Now, Some Unabashed Enthusiasm For McKeen’s Pool Yearbook

I can honestly say that I’d never read McKeen’s 2010-11 Pool Yearbook before I received my copy from generous editor Gus Katsaros yesterday. I can also honestly say that I’ve never read any hockey yearbook like it. Creative, forward-thinking, well-written and an easy read with well-researched information. I fully recommend it for any hockey fan, fantasy-player or not.

I’ll just use myself as an example: I’m not a fantasy player, never really have been, might get in a league this year, but will probably lapse. I still enjoyed the book for its multitude of player projection, just because its fun to debate what kind of seasons certain players have (I think they’re totally underrating Travis Zajac) and where teams will finish, etc. It’s less about storylines and more about the fun numbers and statistics hockey geeks lap up with ease.

You can order your copy, or find out where you can purchase one in person, right here. Until the new Daily Show book is released next week, it is what I shall be reading non-stop.

Your Daily Music Song

Barren of news again, mostly. Hopefully some interesting stuff will come of the NHL’s media tour this week.

Looking to write some opinion stuff for the rest of the week. Some unabashed advertising for something a friend sent that I enjoyed a ton in a little bit. From there, we move on. You’re no better than a lonely sailor.