Suggestions For NBC’s Presentation of Hockey Day in America

One of the things I sort of glazed over in the wake of the television schedule announcements was NBC’s plan to play a big part in “Hockey Day in America”, a supposed celebration of the growth of the game beneath the Canadian borders. One wonders if the pockets of fans across the country are enough to sell there being an entire day dedicated to the sport in true earnest. I mean, for chrissakes, we don’t even have Baseball Day in America, and the baseball in this country try to shove America’s former love affair with the grand game down our throats.

So forgive me if I seem to be a bit cynical about this actually happening full force (and if you don’t forgive me, why are you reading this website?) but I have some easy suggestions to make this seem like an actual fun thing that hockey fans will want to be involved in.

1. 24 Hours of Hockey on The Rink at 30 Rock

The Rink at 30 Rock used to be a great place for NBC’s NHL studio show for awhile. They got all the team flags out where every nation’s flags were, and the set-up used to get the occasional shot on Saturday Night Live, which was super cool. Why not turn one of the most well-known and  beloved sheets of ice on earth into a marathon of hockey?

Set-up the NBC studio there once again, since the NHL is getting regional coverage that day, no reason to favor one game over another. Just show people having hour after hour of fun. Hell, it’ll almost be certain you get a hit on all your affiliates’ local news at “look at these here doin’ something quirky”. Have NHL legends show up and play for various timeslots. Hold tournaments. There are limitless possibilities.

2. Show Where The Game Has Grown Around the Country

Its nice and everything to show guys that got to the league from Minnesota and Michigan and Massachusetts, but during say, the first intermission, air a feature on every state that has produced a hockey player, period. Show them, their most famous player, and a quick story about how they got there. It’ll show kids in other states “Hey, I’m from California (pick any state) too. I can make it in hockey.” Will be able to showcase the USA Hockey portion of it as well.

3. Maybe Skip the Miracle Team This Time Around

Guys, the Miracle on Ice team has been used maybe one too many times. Let’s not depend on them to make Hockey Day in America a success. This goes double for the Hanson Bros. Perhaps since he’s trying to become the king of hockey movies, Seann William Scott can be on studio coverage. Seeing Stiffler with a bunch of Stiff Suits would make for some funny puns, like the one I just did right there.

4. Make Sure Its Fun and Presentable

Whenever the NHL hits the bright lights, something seems to go wrong. Make sure that nothing goes off without a hitch. Make sure everyone looks like this is the best time they’ve ever had. That’s the point, right? Hockey’s fun and hockey is … sigh … for everyone.

2 Responses to Suggestions For NBC’s Presentation of Hockey Day in America

  1. DyHrdMET says:

    I would suggest proper promotion. Have NBC start promoting it during their December and January NFL games, as well as during NHL coverage on New Year’s Day and other Sundays before the event. Versus should also be part of it, and NHL Network could be there too, (both of them) in the promotion and programming (I don’t actually know the details of the event). Get some of the NBC O&Os and affiliates to do a segment or show on the local NHL, AHL, ECHL, and even college teams (as appropriate) as part of the promotion (with a true balance in multi-team markets — WNBC, that means you!).

  2. john says:

    they need to do something for the 60 gold medal team on that day. the footage of the games in that olympics is pretty breathtaking.

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