Canadian Networks to Cover the Pre-Season

Thanks to those of you in the comments, here are some nationally televised games during the pre-season on the Canadian nets:

September 22 – Boston vs. Montreal, 7:30PM (RDS)
September 23 – Tampa Bay vs. Edmonton, 9PM (TSN)
September 25 –
Anaheim vs. Vancouver, 10PM (CBC)
September 27 – Florida vs. Montreal, 7:30PM (RDS)
September 28 – Phoenix vs. Calgary, 9:30PM (TSN)
September 30 – Buffalo vs. Montreal, 7:30PM (RDS)
October 2 – Detroit vs. Toronto, 7PM (CBC)
October 2 – Montreal vs. NY Islanders, 7PM (RDS)


NHL TV Schedule Set For Tomorrow

According to the NHL’s Twitter (and confirmed to Puck the Media via e-mail:

We expect the Nat’l TV skeds for CBC, TSN, TSN2, RDS, RIS, NBC, VERSUS and NHL Network in Canada will be released tomorrow afternoon (ET).

Morning Music

Still quiet. I know. But hey, we did a post yesterday! Woo! You all helped me out sending me some pre-season games that’d be on Canadian TV, I’ll compile those for a post later, I think.

I promise I’ll ask again about what you want me to ask about today. For now, sing along.